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   Chapter 212

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Countless lights merged into a yellow shadow that shaped itself into an axe.

The axe shadow had no aura, but it displayed a mighty and indefensible power. Shadow King could feel it immediately.

"What? How could it be possible? Could this warrior have other treasures apart from the iron pagoda? I haven't seen this power before. Is that something sacred? Or even a supreme weapon?" Feeling the mighty power, Shadow King roared furiously.

"I am Shadow King! I will never be defeated by a young warrior of Blood Purification. No matter what treasure he has, he is still no match for me!"


And then the Shadow King showed his impressive aura. There was no doubt he was a real upper spiritual king!

"Shadow Slaughtering Sword!"

With a thunderous roar, his aura surged like turbulent waves into the air. The Shadow King unsheathed his sword and then channeled his strength with the spiritual energy within a thousand miles.

"Now, you will die!"

he exclaimed as he swung the blade towards the shadow of axe ferociously.

As a upper spiritual king, his attack was supposed to bring total destruction. But upon touching the shadow, the strength of his sword disappeared completely along with the light it was producing!

Then the axe shadow slowly cut through the Shadow King.

It destroyed all of his defenses in an instant!

"Ugh! It can't be possible! It can't be possible!" The Shadow King growled anxiously when he couldn't defend himself from the axe shadow.

Boom! The axe shadow was about to bring out its full strength, and the Shadow King knew he was about to be destroyed!

Unwilling to accept his failure, the Shadow King's only way out was to crack the air and teleport away but it was too late!

The axe shadow burst

he was. He was in the Chaotic Fire Zone!

"What happened?" Ricky said as he stood up out of panic.

Eventually, he noticed the changes in his body.

He felt his body being destroyed before he went into a coma. But now, he found his body fully energized. He was able to smash a mountain with a single punch.

"How did this happen? My body..." Ricky exclaimed with utter disbelief. He realized that he had reached the realm of Bone Reinforcement. What was more, it was not the starting weak stage of Bone Reinforcement. His power was consolidated deeply and was going to reach the peak of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement!

He also found other great changes in his body. It seemed that he was able to release the devouring power and infernal power freely without connecting the two zones in the regained spiritual meridian!

More specifically, he had successfully merged with the two zones and the regained spiritual meridian!

"Is this all a dream?" Ricky said with disbelief.

He pinched his arm to check and immediately felt the pain.

"It's not a dream. I really did enter the Chaotic Fire Zone!" Ricky said, utterly stunned with what he discovered.

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