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   Chapter 211 The Two Spaces' Crisis Situation

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6277

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Just then, Shadow King stepped forward, his hand curling into a fist. The innate aura of death blocked the space where Heaven Melting Pagoda was located. It was too late for Ricky to escape.

"My master, this innate spiritual king has had a deep comprehension of space. In my case, it will be a long shot to flee from the space blocked by him!" Alva said reluctantly, shocked by the formidable blockade force.

"Alva, if so, I will go!" Ricky closed his eyes. He had to accept the reality, no matter how reluctant he was.

Even Zenith, being only a middle spiritual king, could do nothing with the upper spiritual king if he was there to help Ricky.

Although he was unwilling to submit to his destiny, resistance would be all in vain. So he gave up.

"My master, please give me all your Heaven Melting Fire so that I may try to break through the blockade with the explosive force!" Alva said heavily.

"Alva, I just want to know the extent of the result once you use the Heaven Melting Fire with all your might," Ricky inquired.

"Don't worry. The worst result is that Heaven Melting Pagoda will retrograde and break down," Alva responded. "But it can be renewed with Heaven Melting Fire. It won't be a big problem. It will just need time!"

"Alva, can you guarantee that the damage of Heaven Melting Pagoda won't injure your psychic intelligence?" Ricky asked again.

"My master, you really have seen through everything," Alva said with a wry smile. "After I fight it with all my strength, I will fall asleep!

However, if you won't generate Heaven Melting Fire to obliterate my psychic intelligence, I will wake up automatically!"

"Alva, you appear to have totally trusted me!" Ricky said.

"My master, do you know why I chose you as my owner without hesitation?" Alva asked. "Usually, we hermit spirits are not willing to yield to any warriors no matt

o happen.

"I'm sorry, my master. But rest assured, I will never yield to this man!" Alva promised with lament and resentment.

He had been desperate to withstand the last attack. Nevertheless, the power of the upper spiritual king was so mighty that even if Alva had the Heaven Melting Fire, he was too weak to resist the force!

"From now on, I will be in charge of this iron pagoda!" Shadow King yelled. His sword was now above Ricky, ready to chop him up instantly.

But suddenly, Ricky's head became gloriously radiant with the fusion of blood-red and crimson lights!

Two runes pervaded over the lights, generating a shrill blasting.

It was the power of Devourer Zone and Chaotic Fire Zone.

The two lights held off the sword with ease.

"How could this be? What the hell is this? How can it withstand my power?" Shadow King cried out. His face turned gloom as if his world had been falling apart.

"Is this the mysterious power that was hidden in my master's body?" Alva was shocked too, watching from Ricky's arm. "Sure enough, I have made the wise choice. Only the force of supreme enlightenment can defeat my divine energy!" Alva said to himself.

Now this battle was not close to being over. Ricky still stood a chance!

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