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   Chapter 210 Escaping The Impasse

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Even Zenith was stunned by what he just witnessed. An expression of admiration appeared on his face. Meanwhile, he felt happy for Ricky to gain such a powerful weapon. That pagoda was a spiritual space tool into which people could hide themselves. It must be a spiritual tool of intermediate stage, at least! Even a spiritual king would be thrilled if they ever got their hands on one!

'Possessing a spiritual space tool which can contain people, Ricky, you are so lucky! You are doomed to be the common enemy of the whole Realm of Wildness! Everyone wants to take it from you!' Zenith sighed in his heart.

Even though this pagoda could help Ricky escape, Zenith did not dare slack off. Ricky might be able to enter this spiritual space tool at the intermediate stage in front of a spiritual king, but he could not manipulate this pagoda to disappear that easily because the spiritual king would have learned the pagoda's smell and was able to locate it! Wherever it went, the king was always able to find it, unless he had other matters in his hand!

Zenith was also well aware of this fact. "Hey, Errol, Mia. I'm still here! Don't ever underestimate your enemy!" At this time, Zenith stopped thinking about Ricky. All he wanted was to attract Errol and Mia's attention to create an opportunity for Ricky to escape. He exerted his internal strength and consequently, the power belonging to a middle spiritual king broke out and unleashed an enormous energy! Zenith focused all his power on his finger and pointed at Errol. In an instant, Errol's Endless Flushing Palm was destroyed!

Then, the ravaging frozen energy formed a cage and trapped Errol and Mia!

'Ricky, I'll try my best to keep Mia trapped; she wouldn't be able to chase you! All you need to do is run! The farther, the better! Stay away from them as hard as you can!' Zenith wished silently as he felt Ricky's spiritual space tool run away at full speed.

Above the frozen ice cage, Zenith cast a unique spell belonging to an innate spiritual king to keep the cage intact. He hoped that with this, Errol and Mia would have a hard time breaking it.

"Damn it! Zenith! How dare you stop me! I swear that the Snow Sect is the number one enemy of the family of Greenhill, and it will stay that way forever!" Seeing Zenith do whatever he could to keep him in the cage, Errol roared in great rage with resentful eyes. He had never been that close to Ricky. If it weren't for Zenith, hunting Ricky and the pagoda would have been a lot easier. However, he was caught by Zenith and was unable to find his way out.

Despite his anger, he knew that there was no way he could hunt Ricky down with Zenith always in his way.

"Ha-ha! The number one enemy? Forever? The Snow Sect and the family of Greenhill are already enemies! How ridiculous you are to threaten me with such a funny excuse?! Use your brain and try to make up another one, please!" Zenith burst into laughter upon hearing Errol's threat, as if he just told him an unforgettable joke.

Right after he finished his words, Zenith launched another attack. He concentrated his energy on his finger an

ightened as he nodded to Alva.

"I think I need to take a rest and stabilize myself. Then let's head for the Heaven Wood Land! With this mask Chief Zenith gave me, I'm sure we wouldn't be in any danger!"

Then Ricky took out a Recovery Pill and swallowed it, preparing for the adjustment.


However, before he could hunker down, Ricky felt a strong murderous aura drawing towards him! In an instant, he was trapped into an endless frozen space. It was cold and chilling. It made him shudder.

"Hurry up, my master! Go inside the pagoda! Now!" Alva urged in an extremely worried tone!

Luckily, Ricky was not petrified by the killing intent. Before Alva got to finish his words, Ricky was one step ahead of him and had already slipped into the Heaven Melting Pagoda.

The moment he entered the pagoda, a black shadow devoured the place where he just stood.

"An innate spiritual king from the Endless Shadow!" Ricky recognized the man's identity from his appearance. He was covered in black cloth apart from his eyes.

"I'm sorry, my master. I was being careless. I didn't detect that an innate spiritual king was on our tail!" Alva apologized, his voice turning extremely serious, which had never happened before.

"Do we have a chance to escape?" Ricky asked, eyes narrowing and brows furrowing.

"It seems impossible!" Alva replied, unwilling to admit the fact that he wasn't capable of helping Ricky escape. "This man is an expert on tracking and hiding. He is even much more powerful than Zenith and Errol. I'm sure that he is an upper spiritual king!"

"An upper spiritual king, and someone from the Endless Shadow! It can't be! He must be the Shadow King, the leader of the Endless Shadow!" Ricky was almost certain about his guess. However, this discovery frustrated him very much. "Bad luck! It hasn't really been my day today! I thought I already escaped from those killers! Great! Here comes another powerful foe!"

"Boy, I know you are inside the pagoda. Hand over everything you have. I can show you mercy and keep your corpse in one piece!"

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