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   Chapter 208 The Appearance Of Zenith

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"Yes, my master. I saw it, and I heard it!" Alva replied with a frightened voice. He was just as scared as Ricky was.

Being an ancient supreme weapon, he was stronger than Ricky. Therefore, he was certain how powerful that black hand was. It only appeared for a few seconds, yet it showed its overwhelming force. It was impressive and seemed to be strong enough to destroy everything it touched.

No one could resist it! Everything and everyone in the right mind would surrender to it!

'That black hand, its master is even more terrible than those gods I have met!' Alva, out of shock, said secretly to himself. "Who is he on earth? Why did he take Nate's body away? Was he finding fault with Ricky, or maybe with Nate?"

"Alva, do you have any idea?" Ricky asked again before he forced himself to stop panicking and calm down from the shock.

"I'm sorry, my master. I've searched every corner of my brain but failed to find an answer. The only thing I can confirm is that the owner of the black hand is older than me. I guess he is more terrible and stronger than a Great Dragon!" Alva replied.

'Why did he take Nate's body? What did he mean by saying that I and my friend would cross paths again?' Ricky pondered. This mysterious hand made him extremely uneasy. Somehow, he felt that something terrible was going to happen.

And just as the mysterious voice said, it could happen either far in the future, or sooner than we would expect!

It was his regained spiritual meridian who was showing him this vision, indicating that there was going to be a big trouble!

Ricky even felt his spiritual meridian shake a little bit, which had never happened before.

Riddled by shock and ton of questions, he stopped at where he had been for a long time, lost in his thought.

"My master, you must stop thinking about it! You just freed yourself from the nightmare Nate had once brought to you. I'm afraid you are being hunted by another nightmare! You might lose your mind if you let yourself become obsessed with that mysterious black hand! That's extremely dangerous!" Seeing Ricky couldn't stop thinking about the hand, Alva talked to Ricky in a worried tone.

Meanwhile, he activated the Heaven Melting Fire and poured it into Ricky's mind, hoping Ricky would come to his senses in no time.

Thank god, Ricky finally recovered from the panic and fear. He shivered a bit and said to Alva, "Thank you for your reminder, Alva. You've brought me back! Otherwise, I would have been stuck in my thought and eternal slumber! If it were not you, I might have already met a miserable end!"

A warrior gett

Snow Land, the Earth Fire Land, or the West Desolate Land. Go to the Heaven Wood Land! And from what I'm seeing, you are heading for the Heaven Wood Land, aren't you?" Zenith said as his face turned serious.

"Yes, Chief Zenith. That is absolutely correct!" Ricky stopped smiling and replied.

"You are quite a smart kid!" Zenith nodded.

"Oh, another thing. The thing about that incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pill, what are you going to do with it? It might be trouble now that Boris is the one who was pulling the strings!" asked Ricky.

"You didn't tell anyone about it. That's great! Otherwise, warriors wouldn't be able to resist it and would have dark and evil thoughts once they heard about it! When that happens, Boris would not be the only one who would produce that pill!" Zenith appraised. "I've warned Boris and sent some core disciples to his place to investigate further.

Should he play deaf to me and continue his annoying behavior, I will deal with him by myself!"

"Thank you, Chief Zenith!" Ricky said with grateful eyes.

"I know what is right from wrong! I was meant to stop Boris!" Zenith replied. Then he took out a mask made of human skin from the storage ring and passed it to Ricky.

"What's this?" Ricky asked out of curiosity.

"A mask! I crafted it especially for you!" Zenith said. "Put on the mask and no one could recognize you! Otherwise, you would die before even getting close to the Heaven Wood Land!

You know what? Every warrior knows your face as long as he is not a fool!"

"Seriously? No way!" Ricky said with a scared look.

"No! Something isn't right here! Leave now!" At this time, Zenith grew extremely serious. He grabbed Ricky and conjured a spell, ready to leave the place.

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