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   Chapter 207 The Coffin Was Gone

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The two middle-aged warriors were only at the eighth grade of Blood Purification. There was no way that they would be able to resist Rushton, a strong warrior who was already at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement. Rushton's ferocious punches brought them down easily and they died at once.

As soon as he was done with the two warriors, he went back at the gate and looked around with glaring cold eyes and said, "I'm sure you have seen what just happened. I think now you already know the consequences should you dare touch him."

The warriors who already approached the gate were in shock by what they saw. They took a look at Rushton and then at the two bodies lying on the ground. They were afraid and unsure of their next move. Some of them even took a few steps backwards; they were not that stupid to piss him off any further.

Killing was often the best way to deter these rapacious warriors!

If they cooperated together they might be able to resist Rushton, maybe even defeat him! After all, all of them were strong and in unity there was the invincible strength. As a matter of fact, they had thought about this tactic and yet none of them moved. They exchanged looks at one another and you could see that none of them had the courage to stand out and volunteer to lead the fight against Rushton. Everyone was afraid that if they launched the first attack, they would be killed and in that situation, even if their side won, it would have nothing to do with them because by that time, most of them would have already been dead.

Gradually, they began to retreat from the gate one by one.

It was not until that time when the warriors began to leave did Rushton feel relieved. He kept a straight face so as to hide his true feelings. Deep down he knew that should they decide to attack him, he would not be able to defeat all of them. Even though he was a warrior at the fifth grade of Bones Reinforcement, he still felt the pressure when faced with about a thousand warriors from the Stone City!

Before long, there was no warrior left and it was only Rushton who stayed waiting for Ricky. After an hour, Ricky finally opened his eyes and woke up from his cultivation.

"Bang! Bang!" The moment he was sober, the aura of the warrior at the ninth grade of Blood Purification broke out. What was more, Ricky had completely reinforced the level of ninth grade of Blood Purification. There was no doubt that it was the benefit brought by a natural breakthrough.

'The ninth grade of Blood Purification, the highest level of Blood Purification! Finally, I made it! So the next goal is the last stage, the Bone Reinforcement, ' Ricky thought to himself and stood up slowly. He had come this far and finally reached this level.

He then turned to look at Rushton and said in a sincere tone, "Thank you, Rushton. You have really helped a lot and if it were not for you, I would not have made it! Thank you so much!"

"I'm glad to see you make such a great improvement! Don't keep thanking me for you deserve it. It seems that you are quite close to reaching the Bone Reinforcement. I can see now that you have already had th

s the founder of the faction, Ricky would not do nothing. He had made up his mind that he would try to recruit more trustworthy people after he arrived in the Heaven Wood Land.

Before he entered the territory of the Heaven Wood Land, Ricky went to an anonymous mountain. He had one more thing to deal with. He needed to deal with the body of Nate, who was once his friend, and then his enemy who had betrayed and traumatized him.

Exerting his internal strength, Ricky dug a deep hole and cut some century-old trees to make a wooden coffin. Then he took out the body parts from the Heaven Melting Pagoda and put them into the coffin.

"Nate, we were once close friends before you betrayed me and my father, and destroyed my spiritual meridian. By now, you probably have forgotten everything," Ricky said in a calm tone as he looked at the coffin.

"You may have forgotten the time when we were so happy together. But I haven't. You've already paid the price and I will give you a decent burial today. Thank you for being a friend to me once.

You stay in the other world and I stay alive in this world. We are now even starting today."

After he finished paying his respects, Ricky started to bury the coffin to put an end to the friendship and hatred between him and Nate when he suddenly heard a voice.

"Now that you are going to bury those body parts, why don't you just leave them to me?" said the deep and dreadful voice.

Then, a black swirl appeared in front of Ricky out of nowhere. Surprisingly a terrifying fury black hand sprang up from the black swirl and grasped the coffin in which there was Nate!

Before Ricky could even do anything to stop the fury black hand, it had already gone, along with the coffin!

However, the voice still echoed in Ricky's head, "Probably you and your friend will cross paths again sooner or later! Ha-ha!"

Ricky did not realize what had happened just now until the voice disappeared. As soon as he realized what happened, he blurted out, "Wh... What the hell? What just happened? Alva, did you see it clearly? Did you hear it?"

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