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   Chapter 206 A Natural Break Through

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6697

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The collision between sword formula and flame strike resembled the unanticipated encounter between two tremendous forces. Everything happened in the blink of an eye, as if it would be smashed in an instant!

After the merger of the Three Swords Formula, the momentum of killing was undeniable. As if it would wipe out everything like a sword blade!

Ricky's flame strike was the fusion of three strengths, which was more changeable!

At the moment of collision, the power of Devouring Fire burst out and turned into a ferocious invisible beast, devouring the sharp edge and the strength of Three Swords Formula!

Devouring Fire was a fire that could devour everything in definite!

Although it was match to Ricky's strength and couldn't show off its real power, it still had a great effect on Nate's Three Swords Formula!

But in a moment, the power of Devouring Fire just devoured one third of the power of Three Swords Formula!

"No, no! This can't be happening!" Nate shouted, astounded, sensing the power of his sword formula perished right before his eyes.

However, before he could open his mouth, he felt an extreme manic force rushed toward to him again and squandered his sword formula power quickly!

Just after the intense manic force, another killing power that parallel his sword formula charged in the air and collided with his sword formula again!

Those two killing power collided with each other to show which one was stronger! However, Nate's power of Three Swords Formula had been blown by the power of Devouring Fire and Heaven Melting Fire. So, it couldn't battle with the power of Heaven Slaughtering Fire!

At once, Nate's Three Swords Formula collapsed and his sword also swooped heavily.

But none of it mattered to Ricky. His strike was still vigorous than ever, swiftly hitting Nate's feared face.

With his instinct, Nate channeled his spiritual energy and crossed his arms to resist Ricky's strike, but it was amiss. His Three Swords Formula cou

urth grade of Bone Reinforcement broke out straight off. He spun around the warriors and said, "Ricky is my fellow disciple and now he is making a breakthrough. I command you not to try to hurt him. Otherwise, I will kill all of you!"

After that, Rushton released his endless murderous intent, which made these warriors stood fright away!

These scenes made the situation reach deadlock.

In a moment, the master from Sun Clan glanced at Johnny in bewilderment. Obviously, he wanted to know what they should do next!

"Father, the strength of our Sun Clan is too weak. I don't think we can defeat Ricky and get his treasures without loss. In my opinion, what we should do next is to work honestly in the Stone City!" Johnny said.

There was a long silence.

A few minutes later, a middle-aged warrior couldn't help but yelled at Rushton, "Rushton, we all know you're a very strong and powerful man but do you really want to be our enemy by siding with Ricky?"

"That's right. We can all work together and share the treasures of Ricky!" Another middle-aged warrior exclaimed and his voice echoed.

"I don't think that you two understand the severity of this. I'd better make it clear to you!" Rushton sneered.

At the moment when he finished, he rushed to these two middle-aged warriors and gave them a forceful slap!

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