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   Chapter 205 The Fierce Battle Between Ricky And Nate

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The power of the sword formula was unparalleled. Any kind of sword formula could be regarded as a secret method, which was much stronger than any cultivation method.

The human shadows that gathered together were shattered, while the faint shouting and crying pervaded everything else. The sound greatly highlighted the strong killing spirit of the sword formula being used!

"What a powerful sword formula!" The warriors around the two fighters exclaimed again, since the invisible power of the sword formula had such an effect on all those around the fight!

Even Ricky had detected that there was a strong power launched by Nate. Ricky's eyes turned serious as he prepared to combat Nate's power.

Along with his fierce determination, there was also a strong fighting spirit flaring up in his eyes. Only an opponent like Nate, such an old enemy that was so eager to fight and had a personal vendetta, could bring that spirit out of Ricky!

"Let's fight! Five Beasts Arts—Five Beasts Power!" Ricky roared out an attack and began to launch his own strikes. After he waved his Iron Destroyer through the air, a strong flame rose from his body. The weapon was covered by the strong saber-light. It was as if a storm had formed around Ricky's body. It also seemed like to burst at any moment!

Howl! Howl!

Fierce roars sounded abruptly around them. Behind Ricky's flaming body, the indistinct shadows of five beasts showed up. They roared and howled at him and were somehow constantly enhancing Ricky's momentum. After a split second, his momentum had reached the same level as Nate's!

"Five Beasts Strike!" With a sudden and wrathful yell, Ricky jumped high into the air. His Iron Destroyer was surrounded by the roaring flames as he launched strikes towards Nate. While he did that, the indistinct shadows of the five beasts also rushed towards Nate.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The next moment, the sword formula and the strike collided, making an endless clanging of resonance. The whole gate of Stone City was filled with raging energy within that moment. Ricky's saber and Nate's sword also collided with each other with a blow of unbelievable strength!

A loud clanging noise rang out through the air!

The noise of weapons colliding was pervading as it echoed around them. The two warriors both had burst their energy and used the strongest powers they had. At that moment, they were in a true stalemate. Under the strongest collision, their competition was turning into a competition of their momentum. Whoever could hang on to his current state longer would win the competition. Whoever decreased his momentum first would definitely be defeated by that logic.

Finally, under the tension of the collision, both of them were forced to retreat by the reaction force. They both dropped on the top of the gate violently. Immediately, the solid boulder that formed the gate was crushed to powder!

Puff! Puff! Both of them spit quite a lot of blood out from their mouths at the same time!

hite sword-light was pervading!

Yet, the white sword-light burst instantly and produced super powerful energy that destroyed the heaven and earth indistinct shadows directly. It even pierced the space and rushed toward Ricky's throat!

"You have three swords. So what? I have three fires!" Ricky bellowed angrily at Nate. Feeling the strong murderous intent that he had never experienced before, Ricky was still not frightened. Instead, his fighting spirit was even more stimulated by it!

"I will use the blending of three fires--Devouring Fire, Heaven Melting Fire, and Heaven Slaughtering Fire. Devouring Skill-Wrath Killing Strike!"

At that very critical moment, Ricky had to use his Heaven Slaughtering Fire. During recent events, Heaven Slaughtering Fire had been mixed with the power of nearly 30 kinds of Beast Fires. With the nourishment of Chaotic Fire Zone, its strength had been greatly improved. It could be totally used as Ricky's final ace in his fight against Nate!

The audience then saw that bloody and red runes kept appearing on the surface of Ricky's body. They flew inside the blade of his Iron Destroyer. Soon, three kinds of flames sprang out from the two runes. Those were the Devouring Fire and two kinds of sacred fire—Heaven Melting Fire and Heaven Slaughtering Fire. In the blink of an eye, the three flames were blazing. They were also perfectly mixed with each other through the Chaotic Fire Skill! It was incredible!

The three kinds of flames, with three different attributes, released their own power. They even merged with Ricky's weapon, Iron Destroyer. After a short while, the three flames were turned into three different colors that surrounded the Iron Destroyer, waiting for Ricky to summon them.

Then, Ricky waved his Iron Destroyer hard and launched his most powerful strike!


In the next moment, the strongest and final strikes of the two warriors collided with each other and made a huge noise. The winner would be determined very soon.

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