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   Chapter 204 The Battle Between The Two

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7516

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A spiteful gleam flashed through Nate's cruel eyes when he saw Ricky hold his saber to Gilbert's head. Nate leaped up to the gate without any hesitation.

"Put down my father's head!" Nate said maliciously, unsheathing the sword on his waist.

"Well, let's have a fight! If you defeat me, I will give you everything I have. That of course includes your father's head. If you lose to me, you will get nothing," Ricky said nonchalantly, moving his Iron Destroyer from Gilbert's head and then turning to Nate.

'The battle has finally come; I've been waiting for it a long time. My nightmares can finally dissipate, ' Ricky thought to himself seriously.

"My master, please end this battle quickly. Those messengers may have some special ways to send messages to the innate spiritual kings. Once they know you're here, they will be on the way soon," Alva reminded him.



Their aura suddenly changed and was boosted to its limit.

Ricky realized that Nate had some power too. He cultivated to the first grade of Bone Reinforcement. More specifically, his power was at the peak of it.

'It seems that he has taken the Young Wraith Blood Pill. Otherwise, how else could he reach the peak of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement in such a short time?!' Ricky thought to himself coldly. He was even more impatient to finally kill Nate.


Both of them roared that out at the same time. They swiftly swung their weapons and struck each other fiercely. The clash of their weapons produced violent sparks. The gate of Stone City seemed to be destroyed.

They even began to fight with their bodies. Both of them utilized the deadliest and fiercest attacks in their entire arsenal.

Until then, they had kept attacking with a same goal. That goal was to kill the other person as soon as they could.

Nate was Ricky's obstacle in cultivation. As Ricky grew stronger quickly, he also became the only thing that could hurt Nate as well.

In the battle, the two of them fought for not only the sake of their family feuds; more importantly, they were fighting for themselves. In any case, only the winner could survive.

Nate reached the peak of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement in a short time and consolidated it c

h noise of a crashing sword and saber.

Nate channeled forty percent strength to his sword. Besides, he was also a warrior of Bone Reinforcement. At that time, he burst forth his spiritual energy and merged it with the sword-light. His sword was surrounded with an astonishing momentum of devastation. It was quite horrific.

The strong sword-light made his hair stand on end.

In fact, Nate was much more terrifying than a real killer at that moment.

"What a powerful aura! No wonder Nate is the disciple of an innate spiritual king. I can't imagine his real strength!" the warriors exclaimed such things as they felt the fierce aura from Nate.

"But Ricky is also very strong!"

Ricky also gathered almost forty percent of his saber-light. With an overwhelming murderous intent, he went rolling towards Nate.

The roar of tigers and apes echoed into the sky. It showed that Ricky had already cultivated the Five Beasts Art to its completeness.

They stood there without a movement, but their auras had crashed together over dozens of rounds.

"Maybe this is the battle of real geniuses!" the warriors said.

"Three Swords Formula! Human Sword Formula! Go!"

Nate moved first. His expression was blank, but his aura was full of rage and hatred.

He swung his sword and the sword-light slashed towards Ricky from all directions. Innumerable sword shadows flashed. Among them, countless human shadows were smashed one by one.

Then, his sword came to point at Ricky's face.

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