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   Chapter 203 Former Cousins

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The man who came there was Nate, followed by the other members of the Nan Clan.

Today, Gilbert didn't show up in the Nan Clan, but they did not feel that anything was unusual. Once the Bone Reinforcement warriors cultivated in seclusion, it would take them three or four days at the least, or half a month at most, to come back.

With all the rumors in the city, they couldn't just sit back there waiting though.

When they went to the secret cultivation room, they found that Gilbert was no longer there. Without any hesitation, they raced to the gate of Stone City and finally found Gilbert's head hanging on the gate.

"Look! It's the people from the Nan Clan. Obviously, they didn't know Gilbert was dead already!" some of the warriors whispered.

"Yes! I wonder who killed Gilbert. No matter who did it, I'm so relieved."

"Keep your voice down! Don't be stupid. Nate can hear you."


When Nate arrived, he knelt directly in front of the city gate and kowtowed to Gilbert. His face grew sad and he said, "Father, no matter how far I go in life, I'll definitely tear the person who killed you into pieces."

Nate actually also had a heart and valued his family, although he was cruel and willing to kill for the incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pill and a quick breakthrough. He would kill regardless of any consequences.

And then, the karma had finally come for him...

At the same time, two Elders who reached the first grade of Bone Reinforcement quickly flew to the gate, trying to take down Gilbert's head.

Although Gilbert was dead, they didn't dare to go against Nate. The person who supported Nate was a real innate spiritual king.

Suddenly, flames were burning fiercely on the gate!

When the two Elders climbed up the gate, without anyone noticing, two snakes formed out of the flames and attacked them. The snake's fangs pierced through their heads.

Before anyone could realize what had just happened, the two Elders from the Nan Clan who reached the first grade of Bone Reinforcement, fell heavily under the city gate. They were dead before they hit the ground.

There was no doubt that it was the Heaven Melting Pagoda that did it.

ne knew that. Ricky would do anything he could in front of all the warriors of Stone City to avenge him.

He didn't do it to clear his name, but instead to get revenge and get rid of the demons in his heart on the top of Stone City.

"Ricky, you killed my father! How dare you to say the word 'cousin' to me!" Nate viciously replied.

"Ha-ha, my former cousin. You also set my father up and took away my spiritual meridian. Since you've given me such a gift, I had to pay you back as any 'cousin' would do!" Ricky laughed.

There was a touch of sadness in his laughter.

"Moreover, you and your father treated life as if it were nothing and killed others for your own good. I, as your 'cousin', have to teach you a lesson."

Nate's face changed when he heard Ricky because of what he just said. It seemed that Ricky had already heard about the Young Wraith Blood Pill.

However, Nate just felt like a chill ran down his back.

"Nonsense! Stop bullshitting me!" Nate growled in a bestial tone.

"Nate, my former cousin, let's cut to the chase. Come up here and have the last fight with me on the top of Stone City. This was where you and I began all this. We should end it here as well." What Ricky said was straight to the point.

Immediately, Ricky pulled out his Iron Destroyer and laid it on Gilbert's head. He was worried that Nate might be buying himself some time, so he needed to force him to immediately come up to him to fight.

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