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   Chapter 202 Whose Head Was There

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Struggling to get back to his feet, Gilbert decided to stop cursing. Staggering, he took a look around the strange space with resentful eyes. Truth be told, Ricky's heavy punch calmed him down a bit.

Seeing Gilbert calm down was quite a surprise to Ricky. The "calm" Gilbert posed no threat to him at that certain time because the very moment he entered the Heaven Melting Pagoda, he was doomed to lose.

"Hey, Ricky!" Gilbert yelled. This time, he didn't call him a bastard.

"It's me, alright. Now, I think it's time to put an end to this!" Ricky responded in his cold tone. He had no patience left in him and just went straight to the point of it all.

"You want to put an end to this? Ha! You?" Gilbert snorted through his nose as he mocked the boy. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we inside the pagoda you managed to obtain while you were in the Earth Fire Place?"

"You're right about that. But this was no reward," Ricky retorted.

"Thank you for bringing me into this pagoda then! It's mine now!" Gilbert exclaimed with greed painted all over his face. Hearing Ricky admit that the pagoda was indeed his sparked up all of his senses. Everyone wanted to know the whereabouts of this specific pagoda. Now that he did, there was no letting go.

Instantly, he activated his strengths that were of the fifth-grade of Bone Reinforcement!

"I see that you've taken the pill. Otherwise, how can you have possessed the fifth-grade power?" Feeling his power, Ricky knew how Gilbert did it. It was brought upon by the magical abilities of the Young Wraith Blood Pill.

"What did you say? How did you know about the pill?" Gilbert asked, his eyes widened in shock.

"The day has eyes and the night has ears, Gilbert. I am no fool. Nothing is ever accomplished without being noticed!" Ricky said casually. "Also, how dare you create such a terrible pill? Aren't you terrified of the creatures that might come after you and the innocent people of your clan because of it?"

"What a joke! What are you talking about? Terrible pill? Let me tell you something, kid! Only the strong survive! That's the law of the jungle. Or are you too young to comprehend such? If you're weak, you die! The world is no place for a wuss like you! You know what it's like to be weak, don't you? When you and your father got framed and kicked out of the Nan Clan... I'm pretty sure this memory haunts you every single day! You were bullied, teased, framed, and even hunted down because you were such weaklings! Do you hear me?"

It was immensely pleasurable for Gilbert to talk to Ricky in such ways. He wasn't planning on stopping so soon. "After all that you've been through, you seem to not have made that much of progress! Being kind and merciful are the traits of a weak warrior! A real warrior chooses growth in strength at all times! A real warrior can kill!" However, in the middle of his hate speech, he suddenly realized that there

y ordered. Genuinely, Alva's gesture was appreciated. But he wouldn't allow it.

There was nothing more that Alva could've done. Ricky had made up his mind. Once a warrior had been traumatized by another, the nightmares never ceased to visit his dreams and haunt him for the rest of his life. Alva understood this all quite well. Ricky had to kill Nate by himself to free himself.

To persuade him otherwise would have been disrespectful.

It was surprisingly a peaceful night in the Stone City.

However, that peace was shattered into pieces by a sharp voice that echoed throughout the place. Immediately, the people heard this and went out to check.

To everyone's surprise, it was a human head that hung high at their city gate. All the warriors in the city knew this face very well. It was Gilbert, the current master of the Nan Clan!

It wasn't just a dummy. It was his real head.

Their clan leader had just been killed. Whoever the killer was, they were sick enough to hang the head for everyone to see.

"God, help us! What has happened?" Banters from everyone at the scene could be heard. All of them began to make their own assumptions and theories regarding the killer.

"Had he not reached the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement? I've even heard rumor that he had reached the fifth grade! His strength was almost immeasurable. How did this happen? Look, it's really him! It's really Gilbert!"

"I bet the killer is someone more powerful! The weak ones wouldn't get past him! He had always been arrogant. Maybe he offended someone really strong!"

"It's the men of the Sun Clan!" Someone noticed as a group approached the scene. "Now that Gilbert's gone, they will definitely take over the Stone City!"

Following the rest of the Sun Clan members was a young man. It was Rushton, who was a known core disciple of the Snow Sect.

"Father!" Another voice that was filled with torment vibrated around the city all of a sudden.

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