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   Chapter 200 Return To The Stone City

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"Ha-ha, I find you more and more cunning, leader." Monkey Nine laughed happily.

"Nine, I have already told you that I am not a good person!" Ricky grinned.

"Leader, I like your personality very much. Yes! True gentlemen die for their bosom friends and for that I will follow you without a doubt in my mind," Monkey Nine explained to him sincerely.

"Ha-ha-!" They laughed and knew that they had just acquired complete trust with each other.


They destroyed everything they laid eyes on.

Ricky was generous enough to give Monkey Nine three Bone-building Pills and two Recovery Pills. However, he didn't give him the Longevity Pill because he thought Monkey Nine didn't have any use for it.

And Ricky also presented Monkey Nine the storage bag Theo gave him.

It was worth mentioning that apart from those pills, it also contained many gold and silver coins. With these coins, Ricky would now have approximately 4, 000 gold coins.

What he owned was as good as the treasure of an lower spiritual king.

Add to that, seventeen Bone-building Pills and thirteen Recovery Pills left.

'Pills and money are more than enough to attract some powerful warriors of Bone Reinforcement. With these, I can establish another Misty South Faction outside the Snow Sect, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'And the Misty South Faction would finally begin to take its shape.'


Ricky and Monkey Nine then left for the Stone City.

'Gilbert and Nate, it is time to completely end what you started, ' Ricky thought.

Meanwhile Ricky guessed that Nate's return to the Stone City this time must have had something to do with what happened in the valley.

Boris and Zenith were fighting with each other over the control of the Snow Sect; demi-immortals or warriors at the peak of Blood Purification, Boris needed as much help as he could get. However, everything would go well with the aid of the incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pill.

'If the matter is related to Boris, there may be other places being used to refine the incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pill, not just the Stone City, ' Ricky pondered.

Ricky told Monkey Nine his idea.

"Leader, if you are

snakes. I am going to see what kind of dragon they truly are, ' Ricky thought quietly.

Perhaps Xenia didn't notice Ricky at all, but Ricky had the ineffable sentiment in his heart for her. Ricky's ambition was clear, that no one should be allowed to get her even if he failed to do so himself.

Ricky was also very curious about Xenia's sudden transformation last time they met.


The Wang Clan left, leaving only the Nan Clan and the Sun Clan to run the city.

At the beginning, Johnny of the Sun Clan was chosen by the innate spiritual king Odin, Grace's father, as his nominal disciple. As Grace's father was taken by the mysterious forces, the Sun Clan lost the backer, resulting for the Treasures from Heaven and Earth given to them from the Snow Sect to slowly run out.

Therefore, Gilbert became best warrior of the Stone City and led the Nan Clan to suppress the Sun Clan for nearly half a year.

However, Johnny came back with a core disciple of the Snow Sect when everyone thought the Nan Clan might dominate the Stone City. This mitigated the Sun Clan's situation.

Now, the Nan Clan and the Sun Clan began to go against each other once more.

'Because of my special identity, I can't speak out the thing about the Young Wraith Blood Pill or directly go to the Sun Clan to find the core disciple, Rushton. So I have to take action without anyone knowing, ' Ricky thought to himself as he dwelled on the situation.

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