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   Chapter 199 Justice Conscience!

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"Incomparable function? What kind of incomparable function?" Monkey Nine was a little curious after hearing Ricky's words.

"One Young Wraith Blood Pill is enough to cultivate a genuine innate spiritual king," Ricky said seriously. He was also feeling rather taken aback by the power of the pill.

"Wow! How is that possible? How can an innate spiritual king be cultivated by taking only one pill?" Monkey Nine shouted in awe.

"Actually, I am not quite sure either. But think about how the Young Wraith Blood Pill was refined. Then its amazing function is quite understandable," Ricky responded.

"The pill was refined with the blood and blood essence of two hundred warriors at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement. Thus the pill is equal to numerous cultivation resources."

"Well, you are right!" Monkey Nine nodded, still a little in shock.

Two hundred warriors at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement were no match for an innate spiritual king! But quantity-wise, the addition of their blood essence was worth more than the blood essence of three or more innate spiritual kings.

Such a kind of pill would definitely have the capacity to make an innate spiritual king.

However, its refining process was really too cruel and gruesome.

"Leader, why were these eight pills not completed?" Monkey Nine asked.

"The old man we killed just now was a pill refiner at Demi-king Level. Young Wraith Blood Pill is a pill of the King Level. That means that he must have been unable to refine it," Ricky explained.

"I suppose that old man knew the refining method of Young Wraith Blood Pill. Thus he imitated the refining method to refine these pills with the blood of warriors at Blood Purification and Skin Refinement.

Because it is not the blood of warriors at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement, the pill is just an incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pill instead of the genuine one.

Although it is incomplete, I guess taking one pill can absolutely guarantee a warrior to reach Bone Reinforcement and perhaps even the demi-immortal level successfully.

The Bloody Gang and Nan Clan we

ky said.

"But I can tell you, now that you have followed me, I will not let you live just for survival. Your future will not be stuck in an endless cycle of survival with me."

"Leader, is that true?" Monkey Nine asked uncertainly.

"I cannot give you my promise now. Currently I don't have the resources or strength to do so. But I have the confidence," Ricky said firmly.

Monkey Nine could feel the strong sense of confidence emanating from Ricky.

"Leader, you might know this saying... true gentlemen die for their bosom friends. Now I am doing so, because I can't seem to find anything to do except following you." Monkey Nine laughed, his spirits lifted a little.

He immediately activated the power of Beast Fire and destroyed the eight incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pills, turning them into blood mist.

"True gentlemen die for their bosom friends! That sounds good!" Ricky nodded his head, quite satisfied at Monkey Nine's choice.

In his heart, he knew that he could now almost fully trust Monkey Nine.

"Leader, I would like to know… If I had chosen to take the incomplete Young Wraith Blood Pills just now, how would you feel?" Monkey Nine asked curiously.

"I have said that I wouldn't interfere with your choice. However, if you did take the pills, I would probably never trust you. To me, it would affirm that we were not the same kind of people," Ricky said quietly, smiling.

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