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   Chapter 198 Young Wraith Blood Pill

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6669

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The old man with a very harsh voice had a head of messy white hair and a tattered scarlet robe.

His eyes bore a look of bloodthirstyness and danger.

"My master, this man is at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement!" said Alva immediately.

"What? Seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement? How can a warrior this strong be here, in the Stone City?" Ricky asked in shock.

He knew the Stone City very well. A clan with a warrior of the third grade of Bone Reinforcement would be the most powerful in this area, just like the Nan, Sun and Wang Clan, all of whose masters were at the third grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Of course, huge changes had taken place.

Even so, it was impossible to have a warrior at seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement in this place!

However, the shock only lasted a second. As long as it was not a true strong innate spirit, there would be no need for Ricky to be worried.

"This old man is the reason for all the problems here!" said Monkey Nine, looking at this old man.

He whispered to Ricky, "Leader, looks like this old man is very powerful!"

"It seems you two are the problem that Mamun talked about!" the old man said coldly when he caught wind of what Monkey Nine said. He immediately understood that Ricky and Monkey Nine were not his own people.


In an instant, his energy flared up and came directly rushing towards Ricky and Monkey Nine.

The energy of warriors at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement was not strong enough to hold them down, but still managed to make them feel heavy in the chest, before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"I can feel that both of your blood is very fresh and perfect, much stronger than the blood of those weak warriors!" said the old man greedily, staring at the blood seeping from the corners of their mouths.

"Since you two spoiled my plan, then you will repay with your blood!"

His old dry hands condensed spiritual energy. In a flash, they transformed into sharp claws, lurchi

came from the pills. This stench was even more pungent than the 20 jars of blood. They looked away, being unable to tolerate it.

"These pills are probably refined from the blood of virgin warriors!" Monkey Nine frowned.

"They are called the Young Wraith Blood Pills! And these ones are not finished..." said Ricky morosely.

"Leader, you know of them!?" asked Monkey Nine in surprise. After all, he knew that Ricky was not a pill refiner.

"I have read some scriptures in the Snow Sect, which mention this pill," nodded Ricky.

But the truth was that he knew of them because Alva told him.

"The real Young Wraith Blood pill is a kind of King Level pill. It is also an evil, bloody pill. As you can see now, refining this kind of pill requires the blood of virgin warriors," continued Ricky, taking a deep breath.

"For one real pill, the blood of one hundred of virgin male warriors and one hundred of virgin female warriors at top grade of Bone Reinforcement are required."

"So cruel and gruesome!" said Monkey Nine, trembling. Even a cold-hearted ex-assassin couldn't stomach it.

As he looked at the pills in his hand, a strong sense of disgust rose within him.

"Cruel and gruesome it is, but it has an unbelievable effect on people! True incomparable function," said Ricky, his eyes hard and angry.

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