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   Chapter 197 The Ruthless And Bloody Plot

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In Mamun's mind, once Ricky tasted the wrath of the great power of his palm, he would certainly be beaten or even outright killed.

But at the moment of the collision of their forces, Mamum felt an intense devouring power that took ahold of all his powers. Before he could react, a small part of his palm's power had disappeared and been devoured by Ricky.

Yet, that was sufficient enough for Ricky to take advantage of it and handle the remaining power.

The small portion of the power that Ricky absorbed and the violent power of Heaven Melting Fire were quite enough for him to cut Mamun in half.

Right at the moment when Mamun was about to take back his palms, there came another violent power that poured into his hands and went straight into his arms to destroy all the meridians in his arms.

"What kind of power is this?" Mamun roared, startled and even a little bit panicked.

"The kind of power that will kill you!" Ricky responded coldly.

The next moment, with a loud crack, Iron Destroyer mercilessly cut off Mamun's arm, and with its momentum unabated, it went straight to Mamun's face.

As Mamus's arm was cut off, sharp pain took over his entire being and he began to screech miserably.

As a result, he had no time to resist Ricky's Iron Destroyer and could only watch Ricky's flaming Iron Destroyer cut cross his forehead and nose.

After a loud bang, Mamun, a warrior at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement, was cut right in half by Ricky.

Yet, why was he killed so easily by Ricky? There were two reasons. The first reason—as Alva said that although Mamun had reached the second grade of Bone Reinforcement, his cultivation base was not stable as he was too hasty in strengthening it. In other words, he was only technically at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement while his peak combat power was actually only fit for the first grade.

After refining two Beast Fires, Monkey Nine had now greatly increased his strength and was able to fight against Mamun. Plus with Ricky's strength, they would be in no way inferior to Mamun in terms of strength.

Second, in such a situation where they were comparable to each other in strength, Mamun had underestimated his enemy—the rare genius Ricky.

Of course, Mamun couldn't be blamed for that. After all, Ricky was only a warrior at the eighth grade of Blood Purification.

Meanwhile, the news that Ricky ha

iately. These warriors were complicit to the shady doings in the valley, content to take up the position as guards of the cave. Ricky considered them just as cruel as the leaders who had brought this plan about.

With that thought in mind, Ricky showed no mercy at all.

Soon, they saw a huge cave with light shining at the entrance, and within hundreds of meters of the cave, they could smell the pungent scent of blood.

'Bloody Gang, Nan Clan, I want to see what kind of vile plot you are planning!' Ricky said coldly in his mind, and then walked into the cave with Monkey Nine.

The moment they entered the cave, they were almost choked to death by the foul smell.

Inside the cave, the light they saw earlier was not the light of fire, but the light of blood.

The air of the cave was filled with thick blood fog, and the two felt that as long as there was a little water, the blood fog could form a river.

At the same time, a red, big tripod came into their sight. Inside the tripod, there was thick blood running down while under the tripod, there burned a big, hot fire.

There were many black jars around the cave, and each was full of blood. The blood was not only from human, but also from fierce beasts with fine spiritual meridian.

"What… What exactly is this place?" Monkey Nine asked in shock.

Such a bloody, gory place was as terrifying as hell itself!

"Has the new batch of fresh blood arrived yet? Hurry up! I am in urgent need of it!" a shrill voice from an old man sounded. After a few seconds, they saw an old man in a blood robe appear in front of them.

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