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   Chapter 196 A Clean Execution

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"Why? That young man has not reacted against me yet!" Nothing seemed to change Nash's focus as he fixed his eyes on Money Nine. He didn't mind how powerful Ricky's skills had become.

'Humph! This guy's got nerve! How dare he underestimate my leader? Most especially now that there is an impending doom! Ha! He'd be cut in half before he could even feel any regret toward his actions. A careless freak. He'd be dead in no time!' Monkey Nine thought to himself with pity after finding out that Nash was paying more attention to him than Ricky. Little did Nash know that Ricky was the one he should watch out for.

There was a sudden and unexpected movement from Ricky. He leaped and gathered up his strength. He was up to something.

Ricky held his weapon up high. The Iron Destroyer slashed the sky. Instantaneously, the Devouring Fire and Heaven Melting Fire poured like rain, much like in the form of flaming sharp sabers. Suddenly, two runes enveloped the surroundings. Through the heavy downpour of the runes, the whole place was filled with tearing sounds. It was not long until the runes finally broke through the block of air and smashed directly onto Nash's head.

"You know nothing! Since you are so bold to challenge me, I accept your demand for a death to hell!" Nash roared with anger and annoyance. He thought that Ricky was all too proud, and too full of himself, not to mention extremely obnoxious. Ricky had poked the mad bear. Nash went ballistic about how Ricky threatened his life.

But Nash didn't let Ricky get cocky on him. He wanted to let Ricky know that he was to be respected at all cost. Nash lifted his hand, and clenched into a tight fist. His knuckles went straight flying onto Ricky's face and smashed the face of the egoistic warrior.

Nash felt all of his anger and loathing toward Ricky amplify as both of their powers collided in the air.

Nash was very much aware of what he was capable of. He knew he could easily defeat Ricky who was only at the eighth grade of Blood Purification. His anger made him imagine Ricky down on the ground, with his clothes and whole body torn into shreds, blood oozing out of his mouth while he begged for mercy.

But to his dismay, the reality was far off from the illusion that he cherished.

Ricky's flaming saber became surprisingly stronger than ever after their powers collided. The saber not only dispelled Nash's punch shadow, but also pierced right through his defenses, layer by layer until it made its way to his face. "Smash!" Nash's face was scrunched up like a sponge. Ricky's power was indeed to be feared even by a respected elder such as Nash.

"How... how can it be possible?" As soon as the hit landed on his face, Nash felt fear crawling inside of him.

But Nash would never let himself go down without a fight. Anxiety might have encapsulated his thoughts but he was a wise elder. He crossed his arms and condensed spiritual energy to form a solid shield as a defense to Ricky's formidable attack.

But how was it even possible for Nash to block Ricky's powerful runes? After all, he had not released all of his strength yet because he still looked down upon Ricky's energy so much.


But it wasn't effective, not at all. Nash's defense only brought him to dig his own grave. Ricky's saber was so powerful that it cut through his o

epare for a massive and destructive sneak attack to defeat their opponent. What a wonderful plan they had!

The plan was working. 90% of Mamun's attention was focused on Monkey Nine's aura and killing intent and fancy shenanigans. The distraction was taking place and was working incredibly.

"Today, as the deputy leader of the Blood Gang, I will teach you how to dissolve your own ace killing skill, and utterly understand that the gap between the first and second grade of Bone Reinforcement cannot be narrowed by some naive cultivation method!" Mamun sneered.

He mustered up his strength at full force and dashed towards Monkey Nine.

Although it didn't seem like Mamun noticed Ricky, of course he would not allow Ricky to have a chance to ambush him. With a casual wave, he quickly and instantly threw some wild blasts at Ricky and then shifted his attention back to Monkey Nine.

Mamun didn't need his two followers' help. He was confident enough that his normal blasts were powerful enough to render Ricky paralyzed.

It was a good thing that the two followers shared the same thought. They knew that they weren't needed that much in the combat.


The collision was catastrophic. Mamun and Monkey Nine were both thrown away as soon as their powers met. Monkey Nine was pushed further and suffered more damage than his opponent. Blood spurted out of his mouth due to the intensity of his landing.

On the other hand, Mamun suffered some bruises to his body and was unable to move for a while. He felt his chest heavy as he breathed so uncomfortably, with the risk of blood ready to burst out of his mouth.

Without wasting time, Ricky took advantage of the scene and activated his Devouring Skill--Wrath Strike. With a ferocious charge, he threw his attack and hit Mamun.

"Get out of my way!" Mamun was furious after he found out that Ricky was able to fend off his attack. He felt cheated as he thought that by now, Ricky should have been paralyzed and that it was just going to be just him and Monkey Nine fighting for victory. He swiftly condensed energy again to block his charging opponent. His eyes spelled loathing and this materialized into one single punch that shook Ricky to the core.

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