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   Chapter 195 The Start Of Avenge

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"Elder Nash, we are wondering if you knew about what happened in the Earth Fire Land..." whispered the two people of ninth grade of Blood Purification from the Bloody Gang.

Hearing this, Nash immediately woke up and looked at Ricky, his eyes full of killing intent and greed.

"Bastard, present to me all the things you got in the Earth Fire Place, and I will let you die peacefully. Otherwise, it will be very painful!" Nash said greedily as he stretched his hand out to Ricky.

"That's if your skills are enough to kill me," Ricky said coldly.

"What a stupid boy!" Nash snorted, implying to the people from Nan Clan and Bloody Gang that they should move.

All of a sudden, nearly 30 people surrounded Ricky and Monkey Nine.

"Leader, didn't you want to see my sword skills as a killer? Now is the time. I have not killed in a while, and these many people would surely be enough to satisfy my killing desire!" Monkey nine smiled, poising to kill the warriors around them.

"I can't wait!" said Ricky.

"Ha-ha! Just watch! Only one move, I can finish all of them," Monkey Nine declared. His eyes were as dark as that of a poisonous python preying at night.

"Chop them down to pieces with your sabers!" Nash ordered upon hearing what Monkey Nine said.

The 30 warriors, who were already furious from Monkey Nine's taunts, broke out their strongest powers and attacked Ricky and Monkey Nine.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The energy inside Monkey Nine erupted with a bang, and the aura of the first grade of Bone Reinforcement instantly filled the whole area.

A black aura surrounded Monkey Nine, making him look like a ghost in the darkness wearing a magnificent black robe. In a flash, two burning flames emerged from his black aura.

"He has already integrated two kinds of Beast Fires into his cultivation method," Ricky noted proudly. "Surely, not every one could be an assassin with a code name in the Endless Shadow. He's really something."

"How is it possible? It is the power of Bone Reinforcement!" shouted Nash, feeling energy equal to his emanating from Monkey Nine. "Retreat! Retreat!"

Upon hearing

Monkey Nine stood by. When he saw the hate in Ricky's eyes, even he felt fear.

"You little bastard. How dare you kill people from the Nan Clan with your other useless friends? You should be damned by God for your sins!" Nash yelled at Ricky who was fast approaching him.

"What a good time to talk about facts and reasons! Aren't you just the best at distorting the truth?" Ricky sneered.

Ricky had no time for nonsense. He pulled out Iron Destroyer and went to Nash.

It was time to get back at Gilbert and Nate, and this was where his journey would begin.

"What are you two doing by just standing there? Hurry up to the valley and find some help! Do you want to see me die here?" Nash shouted frantically, but the two people from Bloody Gang seemed frozen to their place.

Nash was still shaken up from Monkey Nine's strike. Even though it hurt his pride, he knew that he was no match for them, so he had no choice but to ask for help.

"Okay! Yes! Yes!" The two ran as fast as they could to the valley once they processed what Nash said.

"You junk! You think you can challenge the Nan Clan just because you now have a strong helper? You are going to regret this!" Nash screamed, his rage towards Ricky burning.

But they all knew that he was only trying to delay what was about to happen.

"Don't waste my time here. Bring it on!"

said Ricky, as he rushed up and struck Nash with his saber.

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