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   Chapter 194 Show Up Firsthand

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6244

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These people were dressed in the color of blood, driving iron chariots led by armored bulls. These armored bulls stampeded fiercely, roaring the whole time.

"The clothes of these people are..." Ricky murmured, looking at these people in red. His eyes turned hard and murderous, Monkey Nine observing this aptly.

They were the members of the Bloody Gang, because all over the Stone City only them would be dressed in blood red clothing.

"Leader, do you know them?" Monkey Nine asked.

"Give way to them and I will tell you later," Ricky muttered.

They dismounted from their galloping horses and pulled them to the roadside to make way for the chariots.

When these people saw Monkey Nine and Ricky, they became extremely angry, looking as if they wanted to murder them. What they were doing must be of utmost secrecy.

However, two of their leaders gestured for them to leave Ricky and Monkey Nine along.

The warriors of Bloody Gang soon left the path quickly.

While waiting, Ricky activated his regained spiritual meridian to perceive the power of the two leaders. He sensed that both of them were at the ninth grade of Blood Purification, only halfway to Bone Reinforcement.


"They are members of the Bloody Gang," Ricky said.

"Bloody Gang? Are they with Gilbert to hunt you down?" Monkey Nine asked.

"Yes. They have revealed their murderous intent but they go through with it, so I guess they must have something more important to do. By the way what are the jars on the iron chariots?" Ricky asked.

"Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I smelled the stench of blood from them."

"Leader, I think you are right. As an assassin, I am sure it was blood of human warriors," Monkey Nine said.

"What the hell are they doing?" Ricky asked.

"Since they're your enemies, maybe we'd better follow them to see what they'r

ded to announce his presence directly.

Because he was no longer a weakling now, he wasn't afraid of the Nan Clan.

At the sight of Ricky, Nash's face grew dark, glaring at the two leaders of the Bloody Gang. Apparently, Ricky had killed the six men of the Bloody Gang and followed their tracks here.

But what made Nash even more alarmed was that this mysterious man had said "Long time no see" to him.

"Who are you!?" Nash asked angrily.

"What? Elder Nash, can't you recognize my voice?" Ricky smiled, taking off his cloak to reveal his face.

Meanwhile, Monkey Nine took off his cloak as well.

"It's you!" Nash said in shock.

Suddenly, Nash laughed excitedly, "Little bastard, why would you rather go to hell than heaven? Though you have achieved something in the Snow Sect, it doesn't mean you're invincible!

Since you have come here, today I will finally end you, traitor of the Nan Clan!"

"Humph! This time I returned to resolve the resentment between us. Rather, I seek to wipe out the branch of Gilbert. I've been planning to start with you!" Ricky responded fiercely to Nash's threat.

"Ha-ha! Just you!?" Laughing loudly, Nash was convinced that Ricky would be at his mercy today. But Ricky had other plans…

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