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   Chapter 193 Enemy Of The Realm Of Wildness

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"Volcano Fruit, the fire, the power! I hope you do not disappoint me!" Locking his eyes on the green fruit with crimson shadows, Ricky exclaimed with excitement!

Then, he went straight to the Devouring Skill and started to channel the power embedded in the Volcano Fruit.

Thanks to the devouring cultivation method he learned, he didn't have to take many of the Treasures from Heaven Earth orally anymore. He could just go directly to the Devouring Skill and refine them without any trouble.

As the refinement began, he felt that the flame and power inside his body strengthening and improving simultaneously.

The improvement on his flames was less drastic due to the Chaotic Fire Zone. But he knew he was getting stronger just by how his entire body felt.

For an ordinary warrior at the eighth grade of Blood Purification, his power was approximately five thousand kilograms.

As Ricky went on with the refinement of the fruit, he felt his power increasing by at least fifty kilograms every passing second.

'It seems that the fire from the Volcano Fruit isn't of much use to me. But maybe its fire can help me fortify my power at the eighth grade of Blood Purification through the Devouring Skill!' Ricky thought to himself.

It took Ricky a whole day to complete the refinement of the Volcano Fruit. As a result, he had reinforced his current level of Blood Purification significantly.

After a hard day's work, he felt that his power grew by a thousand and five hundred kilograms! And thanks to his stronger power, Ricky's strength would be no weaker than that of a warrior at the third grade of Bone Reinforcement!

'You did not disappoint me, Volcano Fruit!' Ricky shouted eagerly in his heart as he initiated his internal strength to feel his new gained power rushing through his body.

Now that he had reinforced his level at the eighth grade of Blood Purification, the power he obtained was no different to the power of a warrior of Bone Reinforcement!

"My master, your next goal must be to take down an opponent who is three levels higher than you in Bone Reinforcement. You are going to be a genius no one should take easily!" Alva suggested. "Defeating someone at a higher level is a difficult task.

If you could take down someone who is three levels higher than you in Bone Reinforcement, it could serve as a solid foundation for your breakthrough to the innate spirit! By that time, challenging someone who is three levels higher than you in the innate spirit stage should no longer be a problem!"

"Take down someone who is three levels higher than me? Now that would be amazing! I've never thought about that before!" Ricky responded.

"My master, be bold, please! You have every quality to achieve that. You own a peculiar fire and two sacred fires. Add to that, the powerful mysterious cultivation method and the incredible spiritual meridian! You are surely strong enough to take such challenge! There is no doubt in my mind that you will succeed in it!" Alva expounded further to his master.

He was dwelling inside Ricky's body for seve

ation the Snow Sect was in for the time being. He was focused on accomplishing his goal at the Stone City!

"Hey. I've heard them talking about you angrily. It seems that you did something really terrible in the Earth Fire Land. It looks like that the entire Realm of Wilderness is now your enemy!" Monkey Nine said to Ricky in a low voice. He had been holding back those words for quite a long time. He was finally able to utter them.

"You know what? I'm regretting to promise to be your man now. I just came out from a trap and it seems that I've fallen into a bigger trap. I'm sure that there's a whole lot crazier things waiting for me!" Monkey Nine continued in a regretful tone.

"It's too late to regret now! Just follow me and be my man!" Ricky said as he rolled his eyes at Monkey Nine. "The Stone City is our top priority!"

"What about those who are searching for you? Anyone who finds us could probably crush us like ants!" Monkey Nine said as he furrowed his eyebrows, worries written all over his face.

"You should just keep them at the back of your head. Whether you are worried about being discovered by them or not wouldn't make any difference. They are hunting for us either way. So just focus on our priority for the time being," Ricky replied in a calm tone. He actually knew how Monkey Nine would feel. However, he was not the same Ricky he used to be. Being treated as a traitor and an enemy by the Nan Clan wasn't exactly new to him. What he had learned from that lesson was that he had to grow to be a powerful man so that no one would dare go against him or his family and friends.

"Well, you are right! There isn't really anything I can do about it!" Hearing Ricky's rational words, Monkey Nine couldn't speak and just let out a deep breath. He had accepted the fact that there was no way he could escape working for Ricky.

They stopped discussing and kept riding towards their destination.

It wasn't long until they heard some beasts roaring ahead of them. Soon, they saw a group of people heading towards them!

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