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   Chapter 192 Powerful Endless Shadow

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After hearing what Ricky said, Monkey Nine once again fell silent.

"Since you are ready for death, you are ready for everything!" Ricky said. "I am really not looking for a servant, just a helper.

I could really use a helper, specifically because two gangs of the Snow Sect, the Endless Shadow and the forces from the Earth Fire Land can hardly wait to kill me. I am sure you understand."

"Yes, well, count me in!" Monkey Nine said.

"Great! I hope we can be sincere fighting partners," Ricky said, smiling as he reached out to shake Monkey Nine's hand.


"Monkey Nine, your code name seems a little strange to me. Would it be okay if I called you 'Nine' instead?" Ricky asked.

"You can call me whatever you want. As for me, I will be calling you leader, just like Caleb and Elvis," said Monkey Nine.

"Nine, do you want Beast Fire?" asked Ricky.

"Even demi-immortal warriors rarely have the opportunity to have beast fire, so I would be lying if I said that I didn't want it. Was the power you applied earlier the power of Beast Fire, leader?"

"Yes!" Ricky confirmed. Then, Ricky went over to the headless bodies of Caleb and Elvis in tow with Monkey Nine.

Without hesitation, Ricky directly applied Devouring Fire onto the bodies of the two, and in no time, the Beast Fires of the two were sucked out!

"They are Beast Fires. How is it possible that they both have Beast Fire?" Monkey Nine said, shocked over what he was seeing. More than that, he was even more shocked that Ricky had the ability to suck out Beast Fires from the bodies.

"I gave them those Beast Fires, but they betrayed me, so now I am taking it back," Ricky said grinning. "Now they are yours, just think of it as a welcome gift."

"Thank you, leader!" Monkey Nine took the Beast Fires without hesitation.

He also understood the hidden meaning behind Ricky's words.

"Nine, what do you know about the killers of Endless Shadow?" asked Ricky.

"Just some management and divisions. After all, I am just in the first grade of Bone Reinforcement!" said Monkey Nine.

"Then tell me something about that," said Ricky.


ing made Ricky so excited. Inside the ring was tens of thousands of gold coins, and hundreds of thousands of silver coins. This kind of wealth almost equaled the wealth of an innate spiritual king!

'What a rich killer!' Ricky exclaimed.

Other than the coins, there were nine weapons of the advanced Mortal Level and dozens of intermediate Mortal Level weapons.

More than that, there were also two other Treasures from Heaven and Earth apart from the Volcano Fruit.

One was a black fruit about the size of two fists.

"My master, this is an Infernal Black Fruit. It grows in dark places, and has a strong dark power. It is valuable for any killer," said Alva.

"It seems that I don't need it then, and neither does Autelan!" said Ricky.

"My master, it would be useful to Monkey Nine," Alva replied.

"If he wants this fruit, then I'll give it to him once he proves his loyalty to me. Besides, I already gave him two Beast Fires. There's no need to rush," said Ricky.

Another Treasure from Heaven and Earth was the Soul Nourishing Herb just like the one given by Elder Alex. Without hesitation, Ricky refined it with his regained spiritual meridian!

After all, his regained spiritual meridian didn't require any Treasures from Heaven and Earth to nourish it. All it needed was absorb more fierce power.

'Now it's time for me to refine this fruit!' thought Ricky as he looked at the Volcano Fruit.

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