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   Chapter 191 Monkey Nine

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"Devouring" was from the Devouring Skill and Devouring Fire; "Wrath" was from Heaven Melting Fire and Chaotic Fire Skill!

This strike was the apex of Ricky's power.


The collision of sword and saber was like the clash of the torrents of flame and an endless black hole. Waves swept the entire island, and their ripples disturbed the lake of magma!

From the center of the collision, bright sparks and light burst forth, filling the whole place!

Bang! With a dull sound, a figure flew straight out of the center of the explosion, crossed half of the island, and fell directly into the magma.

Obviously, it was Ricky!

Even he brought up his strongest power, there was no chance for him to beat this assassin of Bone Reinforcement!

Right when Ricky fell into the magma, a cluster of Heaven Melting Fire shot out, wrapping itself like a cage around the assasin of Bone Reinforcement!

The assasin had expected this coming and so didn't care about it. Instead, he just stared directly at the magma where Ricky had landed.

He wanted to know what price Ricky would pay!

"Ha-ha, ha-ha! What a relief!" After a minute, laughter came out from the magma, together with a figure which leaped onto the island. It was, of course, Ricky.

"How coult it be!?" the killer of Bone Reinforcement shut his eyes in disbelief. Was he seeing things? His last blow was supposed to have been fatal to Ricky. Having completed his task, he would have been satisfied to die!

But the fact was that Ricky only acquired a few scrapes!

Closing his eyes, the killer asked himself how it could be possible that such a powerful warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification existed in the Realm of Wildness. The young master of the Imperial Palace of Wildness, when he had been at the seventh grade of Blood Purification, was inferior to Ricky! Ricky would be a big threat to the Endless Shadow if he survived today!


At that moment, Ricky was in an embarrassing state. His robe had bee

k on Ricky's face, he could see that he was serious about what he said, not joking in the slightest. Who didn't want to live instead of dying?

However, if he left, it meant that he betrayed Endless Shadow and would be hunted down forever. Once he was caught, death would be inevitable!


"What's your condition?" Monkey Nine finally got the courage to ask, after a brief moment of hesitation.

"Ha-ha, what a pleasure to talk to someone who has guts!" Ricky laughed. "Not like the last assasin! Because of his fear of the Endless Shadow, he committed suicide!"

"Maybe, that's a better choice," said Monkey Nine quietly.

"How can it be better? You still have chances as long as you are alive," Ricky said. "Even if you are ready to kill yourself, do it before get caught. It can't be too late to kill yourself!"

"You win. Tell me your terms!" said Monkey Nine quietly.

"Quite simple. Serve me, and I will sapre you," said Ricky.

"Serve you? Monkey Nine asked in surprise. For a moment he was quiet, before he raised his head, said slowly, "I don't think you would need an apprentice like me."

"Why not? I want an apprentice like you very much," smirked Ricky. "What do you think? All I need is an answer and an oath. I never treat my men unjustly. I believe you already know that from Caleb and Elvis."

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