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   Chapter 190 The Stepping Stone To Breakthrough

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After Ricky finished his words, the prison made of Heaven Melting Fire in which the assassin of Bone Reinforcement was imprisoned disappeared.

Meanwhile, in that moment, this assassin of Bone Reinforcement finally reacted to the death of the demi-immortal assassin. He didn't become as useless as Caleb and Elvis, but his fierce eyes were also full of fear.

In spite of everything, he also feared death.

Nevertheless, he had behaved relatively well even though death was staring at him right in the face.

"What are you planning to do? Why did you release me from your prison instead of killing me right away?" The assassin asked in a low voice, clearly very confused of Ricky's behavior.

"You are indeed an assassin. Only assassins like you can be that calm in the face of death," Ricky said, somehow appreciating the assassin's nonchalant reaction.

"Calm, as assassins can be, you say? I just don't want to die in a pathetic way," the assassin of Bone Reinforcement said. "If I had the chance, I would definitely give you a fatal attack before I die."

"Very well then, I'll give you the chance." Ricky smiled.

"What do you mean? Are you serious?" the assassin of Bone Reinforcement asked doubtfully.

"If I'm not mistaken, you have just reached the first grade of Bone Reinforcement, right? Meanwhile, I've been stuck in the seventh grade of Blood Purification for a long time. Therefore, I want to use you as my stepping stone. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Ricky said, not beating around the bush.

Consequently, the assassin of Bone Reinforcement became extremely enraged upon hearing Ricky's words.

"Don't be so angry. You said that if you had the chance, you would give me a fatal attack. I just want to give you the chance. Whether you take it or not is up to you," Ricky said with a faint smile, "Perhaps you will thank me for this."

"How vicious you are!" the assassin said fiercely upon hearing Ricky's words.

"I'm not as vicious as you, Endless Shadow. In order to kill me, you went as far as to dispatch a demi-immortal warrior!" Ricky responded.

"Now, I will give you the chance to choose. If you choose to fight me, you may be able to give a fatal attack and kill me. Or you can just choose to die now and save me a lot of trouble."

"I choose to fight with you," the assassin said fiercely with madness in his eyes.

He was well aware that even if Ricky lost the fight, he still wouldn't be able to kill Ricky. He was just too strong. But as long as there was even the smallest chan

e black spiritual energy and the power of sword-light gathered, emerging with the assassin holding his sword.

At the moment, the stab of this assassin was really amazing. Of course there was still a great distance compared with the ultimate performance that worked one's sword in great harmony. But it could be regarded as a rarely seen stab of Bone Reinforcement.

Ricky felt himself filling up with dread as he felt the danger he was in. He knew that the assassin's move could prove to be fatal.

"My master, it's time for me to take action," Alva said, interrupting Ricky's thoughts.

However, Ricky refused Alva's help.

"Alva, this is exactly what I need. Only when I am in danger will I be able to push my power to the limit and finally reach the eighth grade of Blood Purification successfully. This way, I can also increase my fighting ability towards Bone Reinforcement. So thanks, but please don't do anything to help me now."

"But my master, you may not be able to withstand this move," Alva said in a worried tone.

"Set your heart at rest. I've activated the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. I will not die here," Ricky said, comforting Alva.

"You can imprison him after this collision. Just remember not to hurt him yet."

"Alright, I'll keep that in mind." Alva decided to put his faith in Ricky. After all, in all the time he had known Ricky, Ricky had always found a way to do exactly as he said.

Later, when the assassin's fatal stab emerged from the shadow and the darkness, Ricky regenerated his power instantly and let out his strongest attack.

"Devouring Skill—Wrath Strike!" Ricky roared fiercely as he leaped up into the air.

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