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   Chapter 189 The Pride Of The Heaven Melting Pagoda

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"You, Endless Shadow, are out of bounds. How dare you to put spies in the Snow Sect!? Even more, two of them are even in the top ten disciples," Ricky said again, walking away from the magma to the island.

He was staring intently at Caleb and Elvis who were out of fighting strength.

Ricky suspected that the two were actually from the Casting Faction and Refinement Faction, but Endless Shadow was beyond those thoughts. The situation with him was over a hundred times worse.

"As I thought, the iron pagoda is an extraordinary spiritual space tool. Hand it over, and I will let you die decently!" Seeing Ricky appear out of nowhere, the leader of the assassins was certain about the rumor, so he made his commands proudly.

The greed in his dark pupils was beyond description.

"Hey, you just said that as long as I handed over the iron pagoda, you would let me go and that you'd have the Endless Shadow group become my allies. What? Now you want to kill me?" retorted Ricky. He was pissed off, after hearing the death threat.

"What a stupid cad!" The assassin of Bone Reinforcement sneered in disdain.

"Ha-ha! Did you not know that, except money and cultivation resources, Endless Shadows never fulfill their promises?!" laughed the leader of the assassin.

"So, you mean to say that today I will be a dead man," Ricky said coldly, in a low voice.

"Not necessarily. Although we, the Endless Shadow, aren't likely to fulfill our promises, there are exceptions. Let's say that today, I just might fulfill the promises I made." The leader of the assassins smiled hazily.

"I will not kill you, but I will make you a Black Blood Corpse. So, you can stay alive, and be a friend of the Endless Shadow forever. I think that will be a better deal, right?

Ha-ha, ha-ha!"

The leader and the Bone Reinforcement assassin laughed together after they finished mocking Ricky.

Even Caleb and Elvis were staring at Ricky angrily. They felt like they got hurt by the leader of the assassins because of him. It was very likely that they would not be able to get out of bed for a few months because of how beat up they were by the leader's energy.


check what's inside after I kill the others. Hopefully the contents won't be too disappointing."

"Alva, hold the warrior of Bone Reinforcement for me first!" Ricky commanded.

"No problem!"

Immediately, the power from the Heaven Melting Fire turned into a flame prison. It directly imprisoned the assassin of Bone Reinforcement.

Then, Ricky looked at Caleb and Elvis before slowly walking toward them.

"You two are really good at lying about everything. It was really a big surprise to me to learn that you are from the Endless Shadow!" Ricky grinned.

His grin was twisted and malicious. It looked like the smile on the face of the devil to Caleb and Elvis.

"Leader, p... please! We were forced to do it by the leader of the assassins. It's not our business!" Caleb and Elvis cried.

"Leave us alive, and we will be your servants forever!"

"If you two were such good assassins, why are you so cowardly? Is it because you have been spies in the Snow Sect for such a long time that you have forgotten how to be assassins?!" Ricky demanded, shaking his head.

"In that case, you two will be either a burden or just betrayers to me, so...."

Before Ricky even finished, his Iron Destroyer flashed out and slashed their necks. Both of their heads rolled from their shoulders before they knew what happened.

Then, Ricky looked at the assassin of Bone Reinforcement and said quietly, "Alva, release him of his imprisonment!"

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