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   Chapter 188 People From Endless Shadow

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"Leader, be careful!"

the two yelled quite anxiously. Witnessing the Infernal King Bear channeled all of his powers to attack Ricky had made them both quite anxious. However, they just stretched their hands but did not move even a single step forward.

'It would be acceptable if both of Ricky and the Infernal King Bear lose this fight, ' they even thought of the same thing.

The events that followed happened pretty quickly.


A loud crash shook the entire place. Ricky's strike directly collided with the Infernal King Bear's lava burst. Tongues of flames and spiritual energy swept across half of the magma lake in one snap!

Both Ricky and the Infernal King Bear's figures were submerged.

Only Ricky was able to notice the white light that glinted out of the Iron Destroyer which was actually the innate power that had been contained in the demi-spiritual energy.

"Whoosh!" A lot of blood and scattered flesh gushed out of the flames and spiritual energies, which meant that the impact created by the collision was of tremendous power.

Seeing the gory scene before them, both Caleb and Elvis let dark smiles paint their faces.

It was known to the two of them that the power possessed by the Infernal King Bear was unparalleled. Even if Ricky had time to unleash his mysterious and formidable body refining cultivation method, it was of no use. Naturally, it was mostly Ricky's flesh and blood that was shot out of the collision.

In just a short amount of time, the flames and spiritual energies had dematerialized, and peace was slowly restored throughout the magma lake.

The bodies of Ricky and the Infernal King Bear were nowhere to be found. Only the horrendous view of the flesh and bones on the verge of melting were discernible.

"Leader!" "Leader!" the two called out tentatively in unison. However, there was no response.

After the search, Ricky, as well as his body, weren't discovered.

"Ha! You call that a genius? Well then, we have finally killed one!" laughing boisterously, they assumed that the littered flesh belonged to Ricky.

"I think we will be rewarded for killing Ricky, Caleb. After all, they once failed in doing so," Elvis stated exultantly, nudging Caleb on the ribs playfully.

"You're right! The reward will definitely give us a chance to enter the Bone

i-immortal hit them squarely.

Immediately, blood rushed out from both Elvis and Caleb's mouths. The two of them fell and rolled around the island like crabs, screaming in pain. It was impossible for them to stand back up.

The demi-immortal really was as powerful as they said. He was able to cripple two warriors at the peak of Blood Purification just by using the strength of his vigor.

With a hostile look into the magma lake, the leader announced in a piercing voice, "I know you're hiding in the iron pagoda now, Ricky! As long as you're willing to come out and give me the pagoda, the conflict between you and the Endless Shadow shall cease! We can even be friends!

You should know that not many people can be friends with our kind!"

"Ha! Sure! As far as I know, everyone is your enemy!" Ricky mocked just as soon as the leader finished speaking. Slowly, he appeared on the very spot where the magma exploded.

The killer leader was right. Ricky hid in the Heaven Melting Pagoda right after the collision against the Infernal King Bear. The Iron Destroyer itself possessed enough power to tear the Infernal King Bear into pieces.

The only reason he stayed hidden was to find out what Elvis and Caleb were up to. He had his suspicions.

The involvement of Elvis and Caleb with the Endless Shadow was unknown to Ricky, and little did he expect that the demi-immortal leader would somehow get to that place.

Ultimately, Ricky knew that this was all because everything that had happened in the Earth Fire Place was no secret anymore.

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