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   Chapter 187 Infernal King Bear

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"Volcano Fruit?" Ricky muttered.

"Leader, it is a kind of high-level Treasure from Heaven and Earth. It contains great power and fire energy. If a warrior gets one, his power and the energy of his fire will be at least doubled. That will last until the death of the warrior or after he breaks through into an innate spirit!" said Caleb.

His tone was full of expectation.

"Yes, it's a Treasure from Heaven and Earth. It is invaluable for warriors who have Beast Fire. There is much more to it than that, though. It is named after the 'Volcano', which means that the grade of this fruit is actually above a lot of Treasures from Heaven and Earth!" Elvis said with a pointed look.

"That makes it such a precious thing!" Ricky was surprised again. No doubt he was absolutely tempted by that kind of fruit.

However, he was also a careful person. He said to Alva, "Check the looks of them. Are they lying to me? Does that kind of fruit really exist?"

"My master, I actually have heard of that kind of fruit before. It is really invaluable to you for your current stage. I suggest we go and check it out by ourselves just in case!" Alva said.

"We will go then! We will do it to check out what those two's intent is!" Ricky nodded.

"I really appreciate it that you two bring me information that is so precious," Ricky said to show his acceptance to their invitation.

"Leader, we are like family. You gave us Beast Fire before. More importantly than that, you are our leader now. It's our duty to bring you information," Caleb said.

"Otherwise, we would have to count on your power."

"Ha-ha, if that is the case, I will take it. By the way, when will we go?" Ricky smiled.

"Better earlier than later. First, a long night is fraught with dreams; second, you are intending to go out to practice and experience, right?" said Elvis.

"Okay, we're ready to go now as well."


Immediately, the three of them departed the Snow Sect to try and find the so-called Volcano Fruit.

The three reached their destination befor

tely much stronger than any warriors in the same grade as it. The three of them actually couldn't defeat the beast at first.

Of course, Ricky did not use all his power at first!

"My master, take your shot! Use the innate power of Iron Destroyer, and give this beast a blow. Make sure to kill it, but at the same time, keep some power for yourself. I think if you hold back a little, these two guys will show their claws!" reminded Alva.


"You two, distract the beast from different sides!" I will give it a killing blow, so even if the blow does not directly kill it, it will lose a lot of power!" Ricky said.

"Got it!" The other two nodded in agreement.

In an instant, the two separated from each other. They burst the power of Beast Fire. It was the most effective power against the beast.

This beast was Half-step to Bone Reinforcement and it had some intelligence, so it seemed it had figured out their trick. The beast didn't pay much attention to the flanking attacks of the two men because of that. The beast had natural physical strength, so their attacks did nothing to it.

The beast reared its head back and roared before rushing straight toward Ricky!

" Half-step to Bone Reinforcement, huh! Smart beast! Whatever, you will die after this strike!" said Ricky with disdain, looking at the beast dashing towards him.

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