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   Chapter 186 Caleb And Elvis's Invitation

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6999

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Ricky and Autelan began to cultivate their powers in seclusion when they exchanged the sacred fires. They had to refine the fire as soon as possible so that they could cultivate the sacred fire in their body.

Alva said that the Heaven Slaughtering Fire was the sacred fire belonged to Five-clawed Golden Dragons. Almost all Five-clawed Golden Dragons had the ability to control that fire. The Heaven Slaughtering Fire was good for offense on the battle but had no defensive capability.

Therefore, it was a huge risk to use the Heaven Slaughtering Fire. One had to have the courage to burn their own body.

"What a powerful and dangerous sacred fire! No wonder I always had faith in the amazing abilities of Autelan in battle!" Ricky said.

"Such person is the worst kind of enemy!" Alva agreed.

"I will also be that kind of person when I learn how to use the Heaven Slaughtering Fire. I am looking forward to it so much!" Ricky said excitedly, seeing the golden flame in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

He activated the Chaotic Fire Skill immediately and channeled the power of Devouring Fire and Heaven Melting Fire so as to cultivate the Heaven Slaughtering Fire.

Only half a day later, Ricky had cultivated it completely.

Alva was astonished.

"My master, your, your speed is too incredibly fast!" Alva said in disbelief.

"Really?" Ricky asked.

"My master, I was born in the sacred fire. It's a difficult task even for a person who is in his prime! Most people have to spend half a month cultivating the sacred fire corresponding within their realms!" Alva said.

"Maybe I am a fire cultivating genius!" Ricky suggested with pride.

Hearing that, Alva was speechless.

Of course, Ricky clearly knew that it was thanks to the Chaotic Fire Zone and the Chaotic Fire Skill that he was able to cultivate the Heaven Slaughtering Fire so fast. The Chaotic Fire Zone seemed to be made for taming all powerful flames in the world. For Ricky, even if he put a wildfire into it without further cultivation, the fire could be absorbed by his Chaotic Fire Zone within days!


e, you shall take charge of the Misty South Faction from now on. If you get into any trouble, you should seek help from Autelan. He will stay in the Snow Sect in case you need him!"

"Don't worry. I am sure you will see a totally different Misty South Faction when you come back!" Edgar responded.

"Ha-ha, then thank you very much!"

When night fell, Ricky secretly left the Snow Sect!

To his surprise, Caleb and Elvis walked into his room before he left.

"Caleb, Elvis, what is the matter?" Ricky asked in confusion.

"Ricky, we found a good method that stands a chance of making a breakthrough. We need your help to do it. All three of us will share it then!" Caleb and Elvis said without any hesitation.

"Oh? So what is this new method you found?" Ricky asked excitedly.

"It is in the depth of snow mountains where there is a dangerous place full of lava. The area is a gathering place of beasts whose powers is at the peak level of Blood Purification!" Caleb said.

"But before we can find it, there is a beast, Half-step to Bone Reinforcement actually. It is a bit tricky for us to fend off, so..." Elvis continued.

"I know exactly what you mean. I am going to train outside anyway, so we can go there together," Ricky said.

"But you should tell me what things will be like on the journey first!"

"Of course, Ricky, have you ever heard of the Volcano Fruit?"

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