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   Chapter 185 Exchange

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"I knew you were there when you were around 100 yards away!" "Who are you?" Ricky asked while holding his attacker's fist. He slowly stood up and gave a cold look. "How dare you mess around here with the Snow Sect, or are you a member of the Snow Sect?!"

"You want to know who I am?! There's a simple solution if you want to know. You have to take me down in battle!" the man in black clothes laughed. Then, the man in black quickly jumped out of the window and sped towards the depths of the mountains.

After a short hesitation, Ricky ran after him.

This man in black did make Ricky feel a little threatened, but he did not truly feel like he was in danger. Moreover, he had Heaven Melting Pagoda, which made it possible for him to escape from even an innate spiritual king.

Ricky chased the man in black, and soon they both came to a stop in the depths of the mountains!

There were strange roaring and sounds of fierce beasts at the place they stopped within the mountains.

"You finally stopped!" Ricky said after the man stopped.

"I had no plan to run from you, but I didn't want to disturb all the people of the Snow Sect!" The man in black turned around and said, "Let's begin! If you win, you will learn who I am. If you lose, it will mean death for you!

I also want to observe what skills you have as the Snow Sect's new inner disciple!"

"I just want to know who are you, and what your purpose is!" Ricky responded coldly.

"My master, be careful! This man is very strong. He very likely is a warrior of Bone Reinforcement!" Alva reminded.

Meanwhile, Ricky made the first move. He directly brought out his strongest power which was the cultivation method of Ice Cage Fingers. The frosty power of it was condensed around his body.


The next moment, icy power condensed in Ricky's right hand. With a wave of the Double Ice Cage Fingers, he smashed it into the man in black.

"What an unimpressive trick!" the man in black just said with disdain. He was hardly affected by the strong power of the Double Ice Cage Fingers. His soles slammed onto the ground, his ene


"So it is Heaven Melting Fire! That is a familiar name!" Autelan said with some emotion creeping into his voice.

"So, Autelan, is the golden flame on your body really a sacred fire? The Heaven Slaughtering Fire?" Ricky asked.

"Yes, it's just as you said!" Autelan was as frank as Ricky.

"I'm guessing that's not all you wanted since you went to the trouble of leading me outside here," Ricky whispered.

"You are still so smart, Ricky. No one can fool you!" Autelan smiled, "Yes, confirming your skills and where your fire is from is not my main goal tonight."

"The real thing I wanted to do was to exchange my fire for yours! Is that something that you would agree to?"

"Haha haha! Autelan, you really know me very well!" Ricky laughed excitedly at Autelan's proposal.

The offer was exactly what he wanted.

Originally, he wondered if Autelan would ever agree to the exchange. He did not expect that Autelan was as eager about it as he was.

"It seems that even if I didn't come to you today, you would still have come to me!" Autelan smiled at Ricky.

"Autelan, this is a piece of Heaven Melting Fire!" Meanwhile, Ricky took out a cluster of fire from the Chaotic Fire Zone and handed it to Autelan.

Autelan did the same and gave Ricky a cluster of his Heaven Slaughtering Fire.

As for how the two of them got the fire, they were too smart to ask each other.

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