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   Chapter 184 Good Man Or Bad Man

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Now, Ricky understood that Dora told him that in order to prove to him that she was still a virgin. He also caught on to the reason for Lyndon's mighty possessiveness of Dora before.

The Dora's current power level was the third degree of Blood Purification. If her description of Body of Water Spirit was true, when Ricky got one third of Dora's power after taking her virginity, he would at least achieve the eighth degree of Blood Purification, if not the ninth degree.

The lure was very strong. Besides gaining power, he could also have sex with a beautiful woman.

However, Ricky had great control over any yearning for power or intimacy, so he suppressed the greed deep inside himself quickly.

"That's right. I have the Body of Water Spirit. Only three people know it, Lyndon, you, and me. You killed Lyndon, so only you and I know now," Dora said faithfully.

"Do you still refuse me?"

"You are so bold. If I remember correctly, once you lose your virginity, your cultivation will be depleted by a third!" Ricky said.

"Yes, but it will happen sooner or later. I'd rather lose it to my lover who can protect me. If it is someone I trust, I don't need to be anxious about it," Dora said.

"What you love is just my status. I know you do not love me!" Ricky shook his head. "By the way, I'm not strong now. Aren't you afraid that I will discard you after getting your cultivation?"

"But I really do love you! I don't believe you will abandon me because I know how you have acted in the past and that you are a good man. That's why I am here for you!" Dora said.

"You are right that what your offer is hard to decline, but some things matter more to me than power, so you'd better leave now!" Ricky said.

"Just by saying that and playing hard to get you become even more desirable to me!" Dora wasn't angry after hearing Ricky's refusal. Instead, Dora wanted to st

o whatever it takes to be successful and live a longer life. I still try to act like a good man despite that, though!" Ricky explained.

"Ha-ha, my master, I understand you loud and clear!" Alva laughed. "My master, what make me trust you most is the greatest virtue you have. I think your best trait is you treat the people around you so well!"

"Is that true?" Ricky smiled.


Afterwards, Ricky went to Elder Lucia's and talked with her. In the end he left a flame of Beast fire with her. Ricky found out that Elder Lucia was the acquaintance of the three grandmasters of the Shui Clan.


When he came back, Ricky closed his door to regulate the chaotic breathe after battles and then digest the battle experience. Thus, one day pasted quickly as night fell!

In the yard of the Misty South Faction, everything was still. All the disciples were sleeping at that moment. They didn't need to be alert and could relax because the Snow Sect was safe.

Covered in darkness, a black shadow flashed through the yard and entered Ricky's room.

Without saying anything, the black shadow tried to strike directly at Ricky's head.

Ricky opened his eyes and warded the punch off because he was never truly defenseless and was always vigilant.

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