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   Chapter 183 Mutant - Body Of Water Spirit

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With Ricky's leadership, the Misty South Faction had turned into the strongest faction among the Snow Sect. No one could equal Ricky in strength since that battle.

The Misty South Faction owned many outstanding core disciples and Elders, so its core members were not inferior to the people of Casting Faction or the Refinement Faction. As a newly established faction, it wiped out the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction in less than half a year. It was something that could be truly counted as a miracle.

That was also a powerful example of Ricky's ability. To some extent, he himself was a miracle.

After that war, a lot of disciples among the Snow Sect wanted to joint in the Misty South Faction. So much so that some of the disciples from the Casting Faction and the Body Refinement Faction were trying to withdraw from their own faction to join the Misty South Faction.

The Misty South Faction was strict in enrolling disciples however. Ricky had already given orders that anyone who was admitted to the Misty South Faction must be a person of decent character.

Besides that, Ricky made Edgar sweep away the disciples who that did not comply with the rules. He also gave orders to promote the disciples who had strong loyalties toward the Misty South Faction.

After all, being united as one was crucial for a faction, or else it would collapse in on itself at any minute.

Ricky then began to cultivate in seclusion after clearly giving those instructions. He chose that time to do his cultivation, not because he wanted to make a breakthrough, but as a method to recover and rest. The battle had consumed much of his strength.

Before his cultivation, an unexpected person came for a visit--Dora, the girl from the same clan as Agnes.

Dora stared at Ricky with love and affection. She seemed to be full of desire, which made Ricky feel a little bit shy and even somewhat afraid.

He could sense that Dora was thirsty for love.

"Dora, what are you doing here? As far as I can remember, we are not that close," said Ricky in uncertainty.

"It does not matter. We will get familiar with each other if we hang out with each other more often!" she ogled his body while expressing her affection. She had a slender figure with slightly-bent waist. She strolled gracefully towards Ricky with the most beautiful smile on

s depending on luckiness and opportunity. Other than that, there are also some mutants who evolved from the blood power of innate spirit!" Dora said.

"A mutant can evolve from the blood power of innate spirit?" Ricky asked.

"Some of the blood power of the innate spirit is strong, some are weak. The people with weak blood power of innate spirit may be different from ordinary people, while the people with strong blood power of innate spirit are born to have a special physique. After years of reproduction, their descendants all were also mutants!" Dora explained.

Then she added, "A person's constitution is the individual specificity produced and influenced by the congenital endowment and acquired environment. When you break your congenital constitution, the blood power inside your body will become a unique version of it in the world. You will become a mutant too and pass it on to your descendants if you seize the great opportunity to do so."

"Is that so? It is the first time that I have ever heard that," Ricky said.

"The one with Body of Water Spirit is also a kind of mutant. Our ancestor gave this kind of physique to us because they found out the true spirit of water!" Dora added.

"For female warriors, a woman with a Body of Water Spirit is extremely attractive. The one who takes the virginity of one of those women will get a third of their power!"

"That is very tempting. You are saying that you are one of the people with a Body of Water Spirit, right?" Ricky asked as some hint of desire appeared from deep within his eyes.

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