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   Chapter 182 The Strongest One Among The Inner Disciples

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'He has already cultivated to the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula!' Zenith thought, looking at Ricky's blue body. There was a flash of surprise and excitement in his eyes.

However, as Ricky had already given him a great deal of excitement and surprise before, Zenith now remained pretty calm. Perhaps he would actually be surprised if Ricky didn't break out the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

People including Elder Evan looked at each other in surprise at the sight of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

But as to be expected, Boris and Elder Logan were staring at Ricky murderously.

"Father, just set your heart at rest. He won't let you down," Grace said, feeling relatively confident.


Ricky felt that his body had become even more powerful than ever before once he reached the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Now he did not feel the least bit threatened by Gennadi's virulent strikes.

"Chaotic Fire Skill—Heaven Melting Strike!"

With his Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Skill. His burning body was now covered by a sea of roaring flames and runes, which were born of the Heaven Melting Fire and shaped chaotic fire runes.

Now that Alva had suggested using raging power, the Heaven Melting Fire together with the Chaotic Fire Skill should be the most volatile power.

'It's that kind of fire again. I should make some time to talk with Ricky about that, ' Autelan thought to himself at this moment, because he felt the strong resonance again.

With his body tilting downwards, Ricky slashed at Gennadi.

It was just an ordinary slash, but all the Elders keenly felt the strong raging power in it. Ricky's rage even made them a little scared.

"Could this be a strong Beast Fire?" many Elders speculated at once.

"Clang!" The sound of metal clashing rang through the air. Ricky's saber collided heavily with Gennadi's sword.


A resounding thunderclap shook the air. The power of two flames collided fiercely like two falling firmaments. The power exploded instantly, as if was going to sweep everything away.

Thick strands of fir

It was blatantly obvious who emerged the victor.

"How come? How is it even possible? Why didn't you get hurt at all?" Gennadi shouted angrily as he pounded the arena with his fists. He looked at Ricky with his bloodshot eyes, itching to kill Ricky for all eternity.

"Just because I'm stronger than you!" Ricky said lightly, "As I suggested earlier, you two should have competed with me together. But you were still too overconfident to accept."

As he spoke, Ricky walked to Gennadi's side.

"Please remember that this is the second time I have defeated you. The first time, you lost your position as leader of the Casting Faction. This second time, I became the strongest among all the inner disciples. If there's a third time, I won't let you get off so easily!"

And with this, Ricky delivered a swift and merciless kick, causing Gennadi to fly off the arena. As he hit the ground, he lost consciousness.

Then, Ricky looked around the arena and loudly announced, "If anyone else from the Casting and Refinement Factions want to cause any trouble, just come to me. I'll be happy to accommodate you!"

Even if Ricky had only said this with an even tone, many disciples still felt fear strike in their hearts. It was a warning well understood.


"Caleb, I dare say that Ricky's fire is not just the Beast Fire!"

"Our chief has already sent us an order that we can choose a suitable day to attack him. We'll know more about it when that time comes."

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