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   Chapter 181 The Final Aces

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Another deafening sound was let out by another collision of the two powers moving with immense momentum, causing the temperature to rise once again as countless flame spiritual energies ignited all around the whole battle platform. In that moment, the two warriors were forced to retreat.

However, they were not quick enough to spare themselves from any damages. Both of their top clothes were immediately burned to ashes from being too close to the powerful blaze.

Now that their tops were both burned to ashes, the lean, masculine bodies of the two warriors became exposed to the public.

But more than that, even their bodies were not able to escape the wrath of the fierce flame wave. Their bodies were covered with blood, deep gashes and burn wounds covered almost every inch of their bodies.

The two of them spit out a mouthful of blood.

They immediately dug their weapons into the ground in order to regain their footing. Yet, the massive force from the collision still managed to throw them to the corner ends of the battle platform.

"How could their collision be so fierce? Are they really warriors at the Blood Purification?" some disciples exclaimed. They could not take their eyes off the intense competition.

"Yes, even collisions between warriors at the first grade of Bone Refinement can only be that fierce."

"Wyn, how come didn't Ricky use his devouring power?" While the other disciples were astonished and confused, Hector kept to himself and thought about what was happening. After a while, he whispered, "If Ricky doesn't use that power, Gennadi's final ace will be useless, unless he chooses to use it in public!"

"It appears that we have underestimated Ricky. A moment ago, it would have been the perfect time for him to use his devouring power, but he didn't. It only means that he was able to detect Gennadi's corrosive fire toxin skill," Wyn explained.

'What a terrible opponent! Elder Logan is right. Ricky has to be killed as soon as possible, before his cultivation improves any further. Else, things will get totally out of control, ' Wyn thought, his mind racing.

Ricky and Gennadi had no time to listen to the people chatting. They had tricky troubles to handle.

'Why didn't he use his mysterious devouring power just now? Was he able to detect my fire toxin skill? Damn it!' Gennadi cursed in his mind upon seeing that Ricky still looked the same, aside from the injuries on his body.

'His fire toxin didn't work. I'm guessing his next move would probably be the final collision!' Ricky thought to himself. 'Ha, that's what I am hoping for as well. It is time for me to take his place as the number one inner disciple.'

"I have to say, Ricky, I'm impressed. Your fighting power is a lot stronger

are those who have no rivals of the same level. Second class geniuses are those who are able to challenge warriors one level higher than them. First class geniuses, on the other hand, are those who have the ability to challenge warriors who are as much as two levels higher than they are. Gennadi, as I mentioned, is a third class genius," Alva explained.

"Based on your current situation, My master, you rank among the first class geniuses," Alva noted.

A moment later, he continued, "Even more powerful than the first class genius is the so called peerless genius. These geniuses are able to challenge even those three levels higher than them. In the whole Misty South, peerless geniuses can only be seen from the top forces."

"You said there are five classes, but you've only mentioned four. What is the other one?" Ricky couldn't help but ask to satiate his curiosity.

"Above the peerless geniuses, there are those called wizard geniuses or genies!" Alva replied. "They can challenge those up to four levels higher than them. Since their existence transcends the truth, they are just too rare to see.

If such wizard geniuses and genies don't die, they will become the sole strong warriors on a continent!"

"The peerless genius, wizard genius, genie… Wow, I hope I one day get to meet some of them," Ricky said in a barely audible voice.

He had let himself get too caught up in his conversation with Alva. Now, he had to fully concentrate once again on the battle with Gennadi.

In the explosion of his momentum, Ricky's whole body turned into dark blue from the light blue color it had been before due to his absorption of nearly a hundred kinds of Beast Fire.

"Now that I am at the peak of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, I hope it will be enough to defeat Gennadi!" Ricky muttered to himself.

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