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   Chapter 180 A Sinister Cultivation Method

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"You used me as a mere stepping stone?" Gennadi asked furiously, his jaw clenched tight as his hands balled into fists.

"If that's how you see it, then so be it," Ricky answered as a cold smile crawled into his lips. He found Gennadi's anger quite amusing and made no effort to dissipate it.

"Damn it! You'll pay for this!" Gennadi thundered, his body visibly trembling with fury. He gritted his teeth and let out a battle cry, yet it didn't seem to faze his opponent. Then all of a sudden, he was in front of Ricky and about to unleash his first attack.

He drew out his sword and immediately activated sword-light power. The spiritual energy of fire burst from within and surrounded his whole body. He aimed his sword at Ricky, eyes full of killing intent.

Gennadi was fast, but Ricky was faster. In one swift motion, Ricky dodged his attack and pulled out Iron Destroyer from his back, wielding the flame strike. His saber then collided with Gennadi's sword.

Although it may look like Ricky was giving it his all, he was actually holding back. He did not use the innate power of his Iron Destroyer, as he wanted to fight Gennadi using only the natural strength of his saber.

A Demi-spirit Level weapon itself was enough to fight even demi-immortal warriors. There was no need to use more power than necessary.

The way Ricky was handling the fight didn't escape Elder Samuel and Elder Logan's eyes. The moment Ricky pulled out Iron Destroyer, they knew he wasn't using 100% to fight, yet they could also tell that the saber alone was enough to guarantee his victory.

"That is no ordinary saber! It's of Demi-spirit Level and it has powers that only real immortals could comprehend. This only means one thing... The saber was re-casted by Elder Alexander," Elder Samuel muttered under his breath. He still could not believe his eyes.

"A Demi-spirit Level saber made by an innate spiritual king and casting master of Spirit Level! How marvelous! I wish I could have his saber and everything else that made him so powerful.

But he's being so flashy right now. His saber is attracting a dangerous amount of attention. Isn't he worried that his saber might get stolen by other people?"

Elder Samuel's gaze switched to Elder Logan and saw greed in his eyes. He knew what he was thinking and he couldn't deny that he was tempted, too.

After all, that was not the kind of saber they could make even if they placed their lives on the line.


But Ricky was not concerned about those things. Right now, all he cared about was beating Gennadi.

"My master, please do not initiate the Devouring Skill. Something's wrong with Gennadi's spiritual energy. It seems fairly dangerous!" Alva exclaimed, reminding Ricky of the risk.

"Oh, really? What kind of danger?" Ricky asked, wondering what Alva was talking about.

But Ricky was not going to use the power o

ke a venomous poison.

Ricky soon found out what the black and red liquid was truly after: his meridian. Once the liquid touched his meridian, it began to deteriorate.

Seeing that his plan seemed to be working, Gennadi started laughing. "What's wrong, Ricky? Does it hurt?"

"It's nothing I didn't expect!" Ricky answered, not wanting Gennadi to think he already won. As he watched his meridian dissolving, he thought darkly, 'Gennadi... he's evil. I will not die, but at this rate, my meridian will be completely destroyed and beyond repair. It will affect my overall strength and I may be branded as a loser.'

But wait, this was not where it would all end. He had the Heaven Melting Pagoda, after all.

He gritted his teeth and summoned another surge of flames which burned the red and black liquid. It quickly turned into steam and left Ricky's body with no visible damage.

"Alva, were you able to identify those things?" asked Ricky, wiping sweat off his forehead while keeping his eyes on Gennadi.

"My master, I think Gennadi cultivated a kind of technique that created toxins. The more he cultivated, the stronger the fire toxin gets. It also seems to grow without limits," Alva said, a deep frown on his face. "Imagine what would have happened if you had devoured the whole thing. Devouring even just a little of it already caused this much damage to your meridian. I'm afraid, in my current state, I'm not strong enough to remove all the fire toxin from your system."

"Are you saying he cultivate a method to create toxic fire? I must admit he's done a great job, but that doesn't mean I will just let him do what he wants," Ricky said coldly as he glared at Gennadi with murderous eyes. He was seeing red.

Now that he realized Gennadi wanted to kill him in such a sinister way, he felt an intense desire to return the favor. What was better than to use his saber and chop Gennadi's head in two?

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