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   Chapter 179 War Of Rise

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The next day, the square was crowded again. Almost every disciple and Elder in the Snow Sect were present.

Zenith and Boris ought to be among them, observing secretly. Nobody knew their exact location.

At that moment, no sound could be heard. Everyone had their eyes set on the arena. Two opponents' strength was unfathomable so disciples stopped discussing and just opted to wait for the outcome.

More moments of silence passed by.

On the arena, Ricky and Gennadi looked at each other from a distance, and their powers had already clashed in the air.

"Why? Why is it only you? Where is Wyn? I want to challenge the both of you today!" Ricky said, his voice full of disdain.

"I can take you down alone!" Gennadi stated confidently.

"Is that so? I'm giving you the last chance to consider whether you want to fight alone or not. Once the battle starts, nobody will be allowed to join you and you might regret that," Ricky exclaimed with a grin.

"Is there anything wrong with your ears? I have already told you that I can take you up all by myself!" Gennadi retorted back.

Bang! Without any kind of warning, Gennadi's power went up, at the same time, his feet trampling violently on the ground. With the force of his power, dust flew up and Gennadi had already come to Ricky. Then, he jumped really high. The flaming spiritual energy around his legs slashed towards Ricky.

The wise ones must have noticed that even though Gennadi's spiritual energy was impenetrable, his real power was concealed in his body.

'It is the collision of bodily force. He must have heard about my devouring power from Hector, ' Ricky analyzed, having figured out the true nature of Gennadi's power source.

'In this case, I'd better counter attack with my bodily power, too!' Ricky decided.

Soaring at a really fast speed, Ricky punched heavily into Gennadi's feet. When the airwaves dispersed like a ripple, they turned around, reuniting into aggression once more.

"Fire Forging Body!" Gennadi shouted furiously. In a second, strong flaming spiritual energy was emitted from him.

However, it went back to his body very soon. And as a result, it brought great changes to Gennadi.

d have been Ricky who fell off the arena yesterday.

But now, he must admit that Ricky was stronger than him. Although, he was still reluctant to do so.

"Ricky is such a scourge!" Wyn said coldly.

He knew very well that Gennadi's bodily power had almost reached its limitation, but Ricky could resist it with ease. Thus, Ricky's body refining was also superior to his.

"Elder Logan once said that Ricky's body refining cultivation method is only fit for the warriors without spiritual meridian. Is that true?" Wyn asked, confusion being apparent in his voice.

"Wyn, let's take a closer look so that we can know the truth," Hector whispered to Wyn.

In the arena, Ricky and Gennadi were talking once more.

"Ricky, I confess that I have underestimated you, but you know body refining isn't my strength. If this is your full potential, you'd better dissolve the Misty South Faction as soon as possible!"

Gennadi said contemptuously as he kept on increasing the power of the flames on his body.

It was obvious that Gennadi wouldn't hold back from then on, ready to defeat Ricky with everything he had.

Ricky just smiled because he knew that if he had given out the Fifth Degree of Nine-Degree of Body Refining Formula just then, Gennadi would have already failed.

So Ricky said, "I hope from now on, you can go far beyond what you have performed so far because this will be the war of rise for me. It would be dull if you're too weak."

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