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   Chapter 178 Keep Challenging

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"How could he..." Elder Evan was at a loss for words as confusion engulfed him. Jaws dropped for everyone in the arena because none of them had expected the result of the combat.

As a warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification, Ricky defeated Hector with a landslide victory. His win validated his strength and power to the eyes of the disciples. And this only proved that The Misty South Faction was a force to be reckoned with and that his goals were achieved.

Given his current victory, he did not need to complete one more challenge. He was already done.

But, Ricky, being himself, being one of the legends in the history of martial arts, decided to take on more challenges. Not only did he choose to accept more fights, but he also chose to battle the top one and top two of the inner disciples at the same time. As the battle went on to two against one, Ricky could prove his strength and his worth not only to the audience in the arena, but also to the entire marital arts community.

Generally speaking, if one, being at the seventh grade of Blood Purification, could defeat someone at the ninth grade of Blood Purification, then surely he would be renowned as a genius in the martial arts. And now, Ricky did not stop at merely defeating Hector. The insatiable thirst for more victories truly made him try to defeat two at once and those new opponents were both senior warriors at the ninth grade of Blood Purification, two grades above him. In those eyes of spectators, he must have been either wildly arrogant or completely insane.

This was the way Ricky's brain was wired. He was vengeful. He would take down anyone who oppressed and look down on the Misty South Faction. To him, it was not enough that he got to keep his faction. To him, it was a must to knock all the enemies down.

But after Ricky made his announcement of who he was about to challenge, the audience gasped and stared at Gennadi and Wyn, the top one and top two respectively. All eyes were on them as the disciples awaited the warriors' response to the invitation.

The top two inner disciples were shocked at the challenge. They never knew that Ricky could be so arrogant. They never expected Ricky to have that much greed and anger towards them for once opposing the Misty South Faction. To them, Ricky was crazy for revenge and dominance.

Both Gennadi and Wyn were irritated by Ricky's condescending action. It made them envious on Ricky's journey to power and improvement that he could already match theirs. How could he reach that strength in such a short period of time? It also made them feel that they were underestimated by such an obnoxious warrior. How could a seventh grade of Blood Purification warrior beat two warriors both two grades above him at the same time? He must be dreaming!

"So? Do you accept the challenge or not? Give me an answer!" Ricky asked once again, impatiently.

"Ricky, you are too arrogant! We are certainly going to accept your challenge to make you know yourself better. But today, we don't need to have a fight against you as you have consumed too much energy with your previous fights. At this time tomorrow, it is I, Gennadi, who will fight till you know why I am regarded as the best among others,"

Gennadi replied coldly wit

e to take advantage and attack his weak spots," Gennadi said slightly, with a sinister smile emerging on his lips.


Meanwhile, Ricky and his allies were in a circle in a small room in the Misty South Faction's courtyard.

"Ricky, you didn't need to make such a brag today. It will be much more dangerous for you to deal with both Gennadi and Wyn at the same time. Think about it. By now, they must have figured out a way to beat you during the one-day break," Autelan said.

"And another point should be taken into consideration -- Gennadi is most likely to have almost made himself to Bone Reinforcement!"

Autelan warned Ricky. With their assumption of Gennadi's power, Edgar and the others became anxious about tomorrow's battle.

The almost complete access to Bone Reinforcement meant that Gennadi's power had been utterly upgraded and even preceded the power of Blood Purification.

"Autelan, take it easy. I am well aware of his intent of rejecting today's battle. And, he must fight against me for over one hundred rounds before he'll know about my ace," Ricky replied with a kind of fearless confidence written on his face.

"Wyn, he will not stand out to fight against me, because he needs to retain his pride and his title as a genius."

"As for Gennadi, he is indeed a tricky figure to deal with. I didn't know that he's almost about to reach Bone Reinforcement. But, needless to say, I have no fear of any warriors of Blood Purification. He still belongs in this level anyway and hasn't surpassed it. Why should I be bothered?"

Ricky said with a fearless tone. His courage blinded and shocked the people who were listening to him. All just hoped that nothing went wrong in the battle tomorrow.

"You are one incredible guy...always so confident, and even arrogant!" Autelan laughed and said, shaking his head slightly at the sound of Ricky's firm belief in tomorrow's victory.

Autelan felt more relieved when he knew that his warnings were not in vain. Somehow he did believe in Ricky because the other day, some power inside of him was resonating with the red fire inside of Ricky. And that definitely wasn't anything simple to deal with.

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