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   Chapter 177 Strong Arrogant

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"One move! It will take just one move to crush you!" Hector said arrogantly, his figure tall and straight.

"You should know that everyone who has said that to me are now all dead!" Ricky grinned.

"Is that so? Then show me!" Hector's tone abruptly changed from arrogance into coldness, and his powerful aura turned into a sharp claw which came right at Ricky.

When it came to this level of power, an ordinary warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification would be severely injured if he didn't back off. But not Ricky. He merely waved his hands, and Hector's attack instantly faded away!

"Huh!? Seventh grade of Blood Purification!" Hector was taken aback once he realized Ricky's level.

When and how the hell did Ricky reach the seventh grade of Blood Purification!?

"Seventh grade of Blood Purification! Ricky actually reached the level of seventh grade of Blood Purification!" many disciples around the battle platform murmured, also shocked! The powerful inner disciples also traded looks of surprise. This was unheard of!

"What a tremendous speed of cultivation!"

From many disciples came a unanimous feeling of shock, but some tried to cover it up with their contempt!

"Did you guys see that? Ricky, who is only at seventh grade of Blood Purification, deflected the attack from Hector's ninth grade of Blood Purification. This makes things extremely interesting!"

"Ricky has always been able to challenge his seniors, which makes me wonder what's going to happen this time..."

"No way, ninth grade of Blood Purification? That's the peak of that realm!"


"So that's why you're so brave! You're in the seventh grade now!" Hector remarked arrogantly. He felt that there was nothing to worry about.

For him, ordinary warriors at ninth grade of Blood Purification were nobody, not to mention those at the seventh grade!

"You can try!" said Ricky calmly.

"Watch this claw. A single move it makes will be enough to make you want to flee this arena!" Hector smiled and his aura swept around. Suddenly, his figure popp

"He is definitely a formidable warrior now!" said Grace with satisfaction, looking at the victorious figure on the battle platform. Heather had already told her about the extent of Ricky's real power.

"Good boy!" In the dais, the elders were also excited as they remarked among themselves, "Ricky's journey to the Earth Fire Land has not been in vain!"

"Humph!" To all of these, Elder Logan didn't bother concealing his disdain.

This battle was not only a fight between factions, but also a parallel to the looming battle between Zenith and Boris, so the elders had hastily come to watch.


Apart from Ricky's secret strength, his victory was largely due to the fact that Hector had underestimated him. If Hector had known Ricky's power from the beginning, he would have certainly put up a fight!

However, what was done was done!

Feeling the gaze of the entire square of people on him, Ricky looked at Gennadi and Wyn, and said loudly, "Gennadi, Wyn, I am now challenging both of you! Care to come fight me?"

The square gasped in collective surprise.

"What?... I heard that right, didn't I? Ricky is now challenging the first and second ranking inner disciples at the same time!?"

"You didn't get it wrong..."


At Ricky's bold move, even the disciples who had supported Ricky originally felt as though he was being a bit too arrogant!

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