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   Chapter 176 The Counterstrike

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All the disciples, both the outer and inner ones were shocked by the news.

Those who had wanted to join the Misty South Faction decided not to proceed with their plans to become a member of it for the time being. Those who had already joined the faction began to feel hesitant about whether they should stay there or quit the faction. But they did not make a move, instead waiting to see what would happen in the next. Although Caleb and Elvis were defeated, they were curious whether Autelan and Bertha would stand up and fight.


Ricky, Autelan and other core members of the faction were already gathered in a room. They were discussing about what action they should take to prevent further deterioration and restore the reputation of the Misty South Faction.

"I'm sure Caleb and Elvis lost their fights on purpose! I watched them very closely when they fought. And my conclusion is that they did not try their best at all!" Edgar said angrily as he hit the table with his fist and stood up.

"What's more, we gave them the Beast Fire. They had three days to refine the Beast Fire and they should have succeeded it! But they didn't use it at all!"

"I know! I know! How could they have really wanted to help and fight for the Misty South Faction!?" Autelan exclaimed angrily. "They probably offered to join and help us earlier because they wanted to improve the faction's strength. That way, they could lose the fight deliberately when they went up against others as the disciples of our faction. How cunning they are!"

"They are quite smart, aren't they? At least, their trick worked. I have planned to take advantage of them. But unexpectedly, they played tricks on us!" Ricky also echoed with a dark look coming over his face. Deep inside his heart, Caleb and Elvis were now among the list of his enemies. He would hunt them down until the last days of their lives.

They played nasty tricks on him, and he would make them pay for their behavior. Sooner or later, he would show them just what the consequences were for what they had done to him and the Misty South Faction.

"Ricky, I feel so sorry for your loss. I mean, the Beast Fires you gave them!" Edgar said in anger again. They had played a bit of a gamble and wasted the precious Beast Fires. It was a big shame to all of them, who dearly loved the Misty South Faction.

"Yes, you should feel sorry. Giving Caleb and Elvis the Beast Fires was a wrong decision. You should have given those fires to me and Agnes!" The moment Edgar finished his words, another familiar voice spoke out complainingly.

Everyone turned around and saw Bertha and Agnes walk in.

"Bertha, Agnes! I'm so glad to see both of you! You finished your cultivation and here you are!" Heather stood up and greeted them with a radiant smile. Apparently, the three women had already gotten to know each other and seemed to get along well while Ricky was away.

"Yes, here we are! But it seems that somebody has already forgotten us. He shared his precious fire with other people but not us!" Bertha pouted with a fierce expression as she glared at Ricky with her beautiful eyes.

Immediately, Ricky realized what Bertha was referring to.

"Hi, Bertha. It's been a long time!

and Wyn. So that's probably why he can't deal with Hector. And they can't just send Bertha, a woman, to fight against Hector to protect those men in Misty South Faction, can they? Everyone would laugh at them if they sent her!" another man explained according to his own reasoning.

"Oh, I understand now. That's why Ricky has to do it himself!"

"But, their powers are nowhere near the same level! Hector is much powerful than Ricky! Goodness, I can already tell that Ricky is doomed to lose the fight!"

"Well, he doesn't have another choice. Being defeated is better than being a coward, at least!"

Whispers continued to circulate among the throng.

"How dare Ricky challenge Hector! He is biting off more than he can chew! But I have to admit that it's a brave move. He will for sure be defeated by Hector, yet he chose to fight against him!" a disciple from either the Casting Faction or the Refinement Faction laughed sarcastically.

"He has always been an arrogant man. Everyone knows it! I know there are many people who hate to see that arrogance and pride on his face! This is an excellent chance to teach him a lesson. Hector will punch his stupid idea of establishing his ridiculous Misty South Faction right out of his head!"

"Let's just wait and see! I can't wait to see his miserable failure. How do you think he will get off the arena?"

"Ha-ha! He will either crawl off it or have to be carried off!"

The two nameless disciples exchanged looks with each other before they burst into loud guffaws. Obviously, they were eager to see Ricky become a pathetic loser.

"Ricky, I have to admit that you are very brave to challenge me!" Hector was the first to speak.

'It seems that Caleb and Elvis didn't tell them my real strength. Who do they really work for?' Ricky thought. He could hear the whispers in the crowd and could tell that his real strength was still unknown to the others judging from their assumptions and Hector's arrogant tone.


"Thank you for your praise! But you can save it for now, because you will soon know how brave I really am later when we fight!" Ricky replied with a confident smile.

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