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   Chapter 175 The Two Factions Stirred.

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'Think of the people around me? That is to say, either Heather, Edgar, or Autelan possesses another sacred fire, right?' Ricky thought to himself.

"Alva, don't keep me guessing. Who is it?" Ricky asked eagerly.

"My master, if I'm not mistaken, my sense of the sacred fire came from Autelan. Also, I have to tell you that I got another familiar sense from Autelan!" Alva went on.

'I know, I knew Autelan was out of the ordinary!' Ricky thought to himself.

"Alva, you said you've sensed something else. If it's familiar, what is it?"

"It is the Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda!" Alva confirmed.

"Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda?" Ricky was startled by the name. He asked, "Could it be another divine artifact?"

"Yes, my master. I am the one who watchfully guarded the Heaven Melting Dragon tribe. The Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda is the one that watchfully guarded the Five-clawed Golden Dragon tribe," Alva said. "It's highly probable that Autelan has found the legacy of the Five-clawed Golden Dragon tribe, or that he has learned something from them by some stroke of luck.

The Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda and the Heaven Slaughtering Fire... maybe both are in his possession!"

"In that case, Alva, since you can sense Autelan's Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda! Maybe Autelan can also feel your existing?" Ricky exclaimed excitedly.

"I have no idea. Anyway, if the spirit of the Heaven Slaughtering Pagoda still exists, maybe he can feel me; if it does not exist, Autelan himself could only go as far as to guess the fire inside you is something extraordinary," Alva said.

"My master, would you like me to undercut the stroke of luck that belongs to Autelan?" Alva asked menacingly.

"Don't think about this anymore! Maybe I will come up with an idea to steal the lucky chance given to somebody else, but I will never take it away from Autelan! Besides, Autelan is my friend!"

"My master, I should have been more cautious in my choice of words! I am sorry for suggesting that." At the moment, Alva was fully aware of Ricky's just and objective stance, so he gave an apology.

"Alva, let us talk no more of it. Now that Autelan has got it, it's his lucky chance," Ricky emphasized again.

"My master, I understand!" Alva replied.

At that moment, a plan began to form in Ricky's mind. He was planning to snatch an opportunity to verify Aute

ever. Somehow they have become mixed up!"

"That isn't an obstacle. We can recruit more people and secure our position first, then we must get around to weeding out the bad ones!" Ricky explained.

"By the way, Edgar, How do you allocate and control their work?"

"Ricky, I have divided our faction into ten halls first. Autelan has hand-picked ten hall chiefs to lead the halls. Everything is going smoothly for the time being," Edgar explained. "There is something very strange though. You know, we are all in motion, but by contrast, the other two factions remain motionless!"

"That's impossible. They may seem to do nothing, but they'll make a big move soon!" Ricky predicted.

"A big move? What sort of big move?" Edgar asked.

"It's hard to tell at the moment. For us, the immediate priority is to reinforce the management. We cannot afford a mistake!" Ricky gave an instruction. "As for the two factions, Caleb, Elvis, and I will act accordingly!

After all, our Beast Fire is not something easy to handle!"

"Good idea, Ricky." Edgar nodded in agreement with Ricky.

… Just as Ricky expected, the other two factions were stirred by the Misty South Faction's big moves. Two days later, sensational news was spreading like wildfire through the Snow Sect.

The sensational news was that Clyde, who ranked fourth among the inner disciples, challenged Caleb and won a crushing victory. Hector, who was ranked sixth, challenged Elvis and won a sweeping victory as well.

The news had instantly stolen the limelight away from the Misty South Faction.

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