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   Chapter 174 Another Sacred Fire

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When Caleb saw Ricky's flaming fist, he immediately gathered all his power and used his Ice Punch to deflect it!

But with a thunderous noise, Caleb was forced to stumble back and spat out blood too.

Ricky then stopped striking him.

At this moment, Ricky was satisfied with the strength of his move.

This move was what Ricky called the "Devouring Flame Fist", which was created by using his Devouring Fire to absorb nearly a hundred Beast Fires. Ricky had of course comprehended it from the mental cultivation method of Chaotic Fire Skill.

The so-called Devouring Flame Fist was the combination of Devouring Fire and Heaven Melting Fire. In the collision, the Devouring Fire would strongly suck the opponent's strength first. Then the Heaven Melting Fire would give the opponent an unexpected strike with great force.

Under such circumstances, as long as the opponent was not stronger than Ricky, he or she would not be able to easily deflect that strike.

What happened to Caleb and Elvis right now had just proved this point.

In reality, when Ricky devoured nearly a hundred Beast Fires, his strength had become equal to the ninth stage of the Blood Purification, because nearly all the power of Beast Fire was consumed by the Devouring Fire. Therefore, it was impossible that Caleb and Elvis would defeat him!

But now they instead were both defeated, which proved that the Devouring Flame Fist that Ricky had comprehended was so powerful.

Of course, it was only now that Ricky confirmed the capacity of this move.

'You didn't let me down, Chaotic Fire Skill! Now combined with the Devouring Skill, nobody will able to stop me in the Realm of Wildness, ' Ricky thought to himself, feeling quite confident and elated.


"I'm impressed. You're both great! If the Misty South Faction has you two as members, it will definitely improve a lot," Ricky said Caleb and Elvis, smiling.

However, Heather and Edgar were thinking, 'Such a liar Ricky is.' Of course, Autelan, Caleb and Elvis felt the same way!

But right now, Autelan

also tell others that the Misty South Faction is recruiting members," said Ricky.

"This time, if anyone joins us, we will recruit them all. Of course, those who cause trouble will be thrown out."

"Got it!" Edgar nodded.

"Well, this time, we are going all out. Let's see how the Casting Faction and Refinement Faction are going to respond," Autelan said vigorously.

Autelan was rather morose because he hadn't trained for three months and encountered things like Ricky had.

They then sat in silence, waiting for news from Caleb and Elvis.


"I believe you felt something just now, my owner!" Alva suddenly said.

"Yes, that resonance and feeling revealed to me a hint of another kind of power… it's quite similar to the Heaven Melting Fire!" Ricky told Alva.

Now the Heaven Melting Pagoda had taken him as its master, he could talk to it alone in his head.

"Alva, now that you've felt it, can you sense where it is in the courtyard of Caleb and Elvis?" asked Ricky.

"You overestimate those losers. With their talent, how can there be sacred fire around them?" replied Alva scornfully.

"Is it not in their courtyard?" Ricky replied, rather confused.

"My master, if I'm right, there is only one person that has the other sacred fire! And that person was close to you!" said Alva.

"What?" Ricky was rather shocked when he heard this.

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