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   Chapter 173 An Unexpected Reversal

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What Ricky said really shocked them. To be exact, it was what he was proposing that really took them by surprise.

Was Ricky really a genius in their eyes? Yes, he was! That went without saying!

But they knew Ricky's strength and the history of his timeline in Blood Purification. So, if Ricky wanted to challenge Caleb and Elvis, it was impossible for it to be an evenly matched battle!

All of them were at the peak of ninth grade of Blood Purification. Even if Ricky had the ability to challenge his superiors, he would at least have to reach the eighth grade of Blood Purification. After all, the ninth grade was the highest level in this realm!

And both of them were the strongest in this realm.

"Ricky, that's not funny at all!" Caleb sneered. "It's like you're telling us that you never looked up to us in the first place!"

"Ricky, let me do it!" Autelan reminded Ricky in a deep voice. He too thought that this proposal was inappropriate.

If he were in Caleb and Elvis' shoes, he would also think Ricky was belittling him.

Ricky had spent a costly amount to invite Caleb and Elvis. There was no need to provoke them at this point, because it was definitely against Ricky's goal!

What was more, in such a situation, Caleb and Elvis would not show mercy in the battle. Even if Autelan was present, he might not be able to stop them in time!

"It's just a pure curiosity on my part. I mean no offense at all!" Ricky smiled earnestly.

At the same time, he also said to Autelan confidently, "Autelan, you can trust me. I don't think I've disappointed you yet!"

"Alright! Be careful!" Autelan said reluctantly. Although he didn't think Ricky could succeed, he still held out some hope for this warrior who had surprised everyone again and again.

"Well! Since you are so 'confident' about this, we'll accept your challenge!" Caleb and Elvis agreed, both still a little peeved. They had decided to

fication while Edgar was at the second grade. How on earth did Ricky manage to be at the seventh grade so quickly!?

However, what shocked them more was Ricky could stand up to warriors who were at the ninth grade of Blood Purification.

Even a genius in the Heaven Wood Land wouldn't challenge someone better than himself!


As Elvis still reeled in shock, a powerful wave swept through his fist in an instant. It devoured most of his strength in a flash. It was the power of Devouring Fire!

Then, Elvis also felt another powerful strength. It was so manic and intense that it blasted into the meridians of his right arm through his own fist.

"Bang!" Elvis's body trembled and retreated heavily. Then a powerful force swept to his chest from the right arm. Suddenly, a spurt of blood shot out from his mouth.

Everyone was in disbelief, their mouths opened in absolute shock.

Especially for Elvis, who felt rather alarmed because he had been beaten by a warrior whom he thought was weaker than him.

Ricky didn't retreat at all and his momentum increased sharply. Then he threw a punch directly towards to Caleb.

"Caleb, you should fight with me too. Because this is an examination after all!" Ricky grinned as his powerful punch raced towards to Caleb.

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