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   Chapter 172 Who Will Do The Examination

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6435

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The power of two balls of Beast Fire rapidly swept over the whole yard. Caleb and Elvis stared at them, shocked. They were even more astounded than Autelan had been.

"This... This is the Beast Fire!" Caleb and Elvis looked at each other, mouths agape. Soon their eyes filled with greed, which they had to consciously conceal.

"I'm never mean to people on my side. Don't say anything superfluous. As long as you claim to the whole disciples of the Snow Sect that you've become members of my Misty South Faction, these two balls of Beast Fire will be given to you as gifts," Ricky said.

After hearing this, Caleb and Elvis fell silent.

Just as Ricky had guessed, the reason the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction hadn't recruited Caleb and Elvis successfully was because they hadn't offered enough incentives.

Beast Fire was appealing even to powerful warriors of Bone Reinforcement, let alone these two!

"There's no reason to hesitate. It's normal to take money and then help to handle affairs. Besides, after joining my Misty South Faction, I won't restrict you. You can still go about your own business." Ricky tried again to persuade them after he saw the flicker of hesitation in their eyes.

But Caleb and Elvis were still silent.

For some time, they remained mum.

"It seems that they have rejected our invitation. Autelan, let's go then!" Ricky said, intending to leave first.

"Hold on, Ricky!" Caleb stopped him hurriedly.

"Ricky, it's a big deal to join a faction. So we need to consider this carefully. Could you please give us some time to think about it?" Elvis asked.

"Fair point. How long do you need?" Ricky asked.

'The fish finally took the bait!' he thought to himself.

"An hour is enough!" Caleb said.

"Alright then, can we stay here for a while before you make up your mind? Sorry to disturb you!" Ricky said.

"It doesn't matter. Never mind!" Caleb smiled.

on't hit you hard. Remember that safety goes first in this combat. We don't want to hurt each other!" Autelan stood up with a warm smile.

Autelan understood what Ricky meant. Ricky wanted to send a message that although you two were good, we were actually better.

But Autelan just understood half of what Ricky meant.

"Autelan, please lay out the terms!" Caleb and Elvis were ready to compete. They were actually eager to compete with this renowned genius.

"I'm sorry to disrupt this but, I think you all misunderstood what I meant," Ricky said, scratching his head as he walked to them feeling a little embarrassed.

"What?" The three warriors were all confused at this. Even Edgar and Heather who were standing nearby also exchanged puzzled looks.

"Ricky, what exactly do you mean?" Caleb said, sounding irritated. He was beginning to think that Ricky was just playing jokes on them. After all, they still thought it was impossible for Ricky to send them two balls of Beast Fire.

"I meant that the examination would not be done by Autelan. It would be done by me," Ricky said lightly, looking at them earnestly.

However, his light words had the same effect as a clap of thunder exploding fiercely in the yard. It made all the people present rather stunned.

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