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   Chapter 171 Caleb And Elvis

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"That is Beast Fire!" Autelan looked at the flame, his eyes wide with amusement. He wanted so badly to swallow it in one gulp.

Beast Fire was so immensely alluring that even geniuses like Autelan could not hide their greed.

"Autelan, the Beast Fire is for you. Do you feel better now?" Ricky smiled.

"That's sounds better!" Autelan said, praising Ricky as he hastily took the Beast Fire into his own hands.

While others might not be able to hold Beast Fire with their bare hands, Autelan could do it easily as he had already achieved Bone Reinforcement.

"Edgar, I also prepare one for you, but given your current capacity, you won't be able to control it yet. So, I will give it to the sect chief when I meet him so that he can refine it for you," Ricky said, his attention turning to Edgar.

"Thank you so much, Ricky! I appreciate it!" Edgar exclaimed happily.

"You seem to have reaped abundant fruits during your trip to the Earth Fire Land. Beast Fire isn't something you can just get anywhere. It is so uncommon that it cannot be met without resort, but you got it regardless," Autelan said.

"Autelan, it was just a fluke! I was just lucky, you know? If you go to the Earth Fire Land, you'll surely get even more than I did," Ricky said.

"Well, never mind. Since you have come here, you must know about the situation in the Misty South Faction," Autelan said. "To speak bluntly, the Misty South Faction now only exists in name. The few commanders that survive now have no one and nothing to lead."

"Yes, I know all about it, Autelan. I always thought that establishing a faction was easy, but I was wrong," Ricky agreed. "Now that I have come back, I will make the Misty South Faction have tremendous sway in the Snow Sect, far beyond Casting Faction and Refinement Faction!"

"Good plan, Ricky!" Edgar said in support of Ricky.

"Ricky, the reason they were gone is because the Misty South Faction didn't have enough inner overmatches," Autelan said. "If we can recruit two more from the top ten inner disciples, I have the faith that some warriors in the ninth or eighth grade of Blood Purification will join us.

If more overmatches join us, disc

hey had already gathered blood vitality above their hands in case Autelan would attack them.

"Ha-ha, it's him who wants to talk to you, not me!" Autelan laughed, pointing at Ricky.

"Nice to meet you, Caleb and Elvis. I am Ricky!" Ricky said, walking towards them and shaking their hands.

"Ricky, you are the head of the Misty South Faction," Caleb said, frowning.

"Yes, it's me. To be honest, I am here to invite you to join the Misty South Faction," Ricky said.

"Ricky, we are well aware that you are a legendary figure in the Snow Sect, but we have already told you of our decision. We are determined not to join any faction," Caleb said.

"We have declined as many as ten invitations from both Casting Faction and Refinement Faction, so don't waste your time on us anymore," Elvis added.

They didn't say it explicitly, but their words implied that if strong factions like Casting Faction and Refinement Faction had been declined, then there was truly no chance for the poor weak Misty South Faction.

"Ha-ha. Hear me out though. You refused them because none of them could offer you what you truly want," Ricky responded with a smile. He knew that he had the thing they wanted.

"Ricky, what do you mean?" Caleb and Elvis said, clearly feeling offended. They didn't like Ricky having treated them as people that could be bought with money.

"Don't be angry." Ricky smiled, as he took out two magnificent flames of Beast Fire.

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