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   Chapter 170 Predicament Of The Misty South Faction

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In a few months, the competition became more and more fierce among the Snow Sect, it was the power play between the two major forces-- Zenith and Boris. Neither one nor the other wanted to give in, and they put everything on the line to get their hands on the glory of victory.

The longer Boris stepped into the realm of middle spiritual king and showed persistence, the more vicious and aggressive the competition turned into. If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind.

While the major core disciples and inner disciples got roped by the two camps, unable to do anything else, the rest of them might as well had been roped, too, since they only stayed still, perfectly rooted to the spot. They all quietly watched with bated breaths, not wanting to miss even a second of the battle before them.

However, Zenith had the upper hand. For one thing, he himself was a middle spiritual king long before Boris even stepped a foot into this realm, and as if that wasn't enough of an advantage, two-thirds of the elders supported him. He had a solid backing and it wasn't easy to beat him down.

The entire Snow Sect seemed calm, but beneath the cool surface of the water was a violent current, surging though the whole of the ocean and sweeping everything that dared to come along its path.


Meanwhile, Ricky's return certainly gained a lot of attention--both welcome and unwelcome.

It was a good thing that the people had no idea of what happened in the Earth Fire Land, otherwise this curious attention would have turned into an explosive one. People wouldn't stop talking about it, for sure, and Ricky wanted to avoid that as much as possible. Gaining attention due to people's curiosity was okay, but it was a different story for the kind of attention that fueled people's judgment.

'First, I will deal with the matters of the Misty South Faction and leave the Snow Sect. Otherwise, Boris would take the opportunity to attack me once what I did in the Earth Fire Land spreads here, ' Ricky thought.

'Besides, knowing that I have come back, those forces in the Earth Fire Land will come and hunt me down, too.'

Soon, Ricky returned to the small courtyard.

Seeing Grace and Heather brought a soft smile on his lips. He approached them in a steady pace and was received with warm familiarity. He then engaged in a conversation with them, telling them all about what happened in the Casting Guild and trying not to leave any detail behind. He felt comfortable with these two women, and he didn't feel the need to hide anything. He was sure they would never turn on him. And then, Ricky took out the Beast Fire that he acquired from Heaven Melting Pagoda and handed it to them. He believed the Beast Fire suited Grace and Heather more than him. The Beast Fire might be powerful, but it wasn't the only thing that Ricky had up his sleeves. And so, he decided to let it go.

The two women split the Beast Fires and the fire essence between them and thanked Ricky profusely. It wasn't everyday that they got their hands on the Beast Fire. Knowing how difficult it was to acquire it, they appreciated his gesture even more.

As for Grace refining the Beast Fire, Ricky wasn't worried at all. She was skilled and knowledgeable, and with her help, Heather would have no problems refining her share of the Beast Fire. They were a team.

Once they were finished talking about the Beast Fire and its refinement, they proceeded to discuss the Misty South Faction.

Grace told Ricky that the Misty South Faction in the Snow Sect was currently in a difficult situation.

This was m

ellow apprentices," Ricky said calmly. "We'll talk about the rest of the plan once they're here."

"They might be currently in a separate dwelling," Heather reminded him.

"When did our Misty South Faction come to have a separate dwelling?" Ricky asked, surprised. He was curious when something major had taken place.

"A sect without a separate dwelling cannot be called a sect. So after you left, Grace and I, together with Autelan and Edgar, built the separate dwelling," Heather replied, sounding a little proud of what they had accomplished.

"Usually, we find them cultivating in that courtyard."

"Well, let's go and meet them."

It didn't take long for Ricky and Heather to reach the desolate hill through the inner door. Above the hill was the very humble separate dwelling. It was the type of dwelling that didn't attract attention, and if Ricky didn't know what he was looking for, he wouldn't have noticed it. It was very discreet--something he approved of.

The inside was not that big, and there were only several casually decorated rooms. It was obvious it was designed only for cultivating and not for comfort.

Upon Ricky's arrival, Edgar and Autelan came out.

"It has been three months since you acted like a hands-off boss and left us. Now, you're finally back." Autelan pointed an accusing finger at Ricky, narrowing his eyes scornfully at him.

"Come on, I knew there'd be no problem even if I left. You're here, so there's nothing to worry about. Everything always goes smoothly whenever you're around," Ricky said, laughing heartily.

As he laughed, Ricky observed Autelan's current state. He could sense that Autelan was no longer at the level of Blood Purification, which meant that he must have reached Bone Reinforcement.

"Don't give me any of your shitty compliments. Damn, I really regret joining your Misty South Faction," Autelan grunted, his brows furrowed together. He tried to sound tough, but he was more akin to a whining child.

"Aw, too bad, you can't back out now. You're stuck to me and my faction," Ricky said with a playful wink.

"I can't believe you just said that," Autelan growled, obviously annoyed at how true Ricky's words were.

He was about to complain some more, however, something bright and red caught his eye. His jaw dropped when he realized what it was. There, dancing on Ricky's right hand, was the Beast Fire.

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