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   Chapter 169 Disappearance Of The Earth Fire Place

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"My master, I'm afraid you can't leave this place right now. But when this Earth Fire Place disappears, I can get you out of here without being noticed by anyone. Even an innate spirit would not discover your departure," said Alva with confidence. He lowered his head and bowed to show respect for his master.

'Even an innate spirit would not discover me when I leave! That is just incredible. Can he really pull that off?' Ricky thought to himself. He was so astonished at the man's capability of making him leave without being noticed.

"Yes, my master. I am a real treasure and I can do that. Although I've been hurt badly, I can still perform my power. The least I can do is to help you escape without being detected," Alva stated confidently as he reassured Ricky. It was as if he had already read his master's mind.

"I am so glad to hear what you can do and that you're sure of it. If that's true, please, I need you to get me out of here when the time comes," Ricky said in a helpless tone.

It was no secret that several other warriors had already died in the Heaven Melting Pagoda. They were killed by no other than the Beast Fire. To them, once you enter the pagoda, there would be no certainty that you would be able to come out alive. All of this was seen and witnessed by all the other warriors who refused to go in. But even if Ricky escaped the pagoda undetected, he would still be mobbed by a group of angry warriors all because of what he might have gained inside of it. Even if Elder Alexander gave him protection, it wouldn't be enough to control a crazy mob.

The theory that the pagoda could have the ability to aide his escape meant that he could have more time and energy to fight off the greedy men outside of the pagoda. This thought alone lifted some weight off his shoulders.

"Oh, Alva, here is another thing. About those Beast Fires inside the pagoda... do you still need them?" Ricky asked nonchalantly.

"My master, throughout the years I have collected Beast Fires to restore my energy and strength. I do not need them anymore, master. I owe it to the Heaven Melting Fire that I have finally gained and recovered my strength completely. Please, feel free to engulf these fires!" Alva replied enthusiastically.

"It seems that you have already known that there is another fire existing in my body," Ricky said positively as he had already expected that Alva knew about his special power.

"You are right, my master. You used such a special fire without any reservation in my body. There's no way I wouldn't be able to feel it!" Alva replied.

"Oh, and by the way, my master...which kind of fire would that be?" he added.

"It's the Devouring Fire. Have you, by any chance, heard anything about it?" Ricky had no intention of hiding the fact away from him. This special power did not require secrecy. He went straight to the point and discussed the essentials of the Devouring Fire in his body. Alva's face was crumpled, as he tried to understand and remember if he had ever encountered such skill before.

"What?! The Devouring Fire! What a surprise! Oh, stupid me! I should have thought of that!" Alva's eyes widened as he realized that what Ricky had was indeed the Devouring Fire.

"Oh? Are you familiar with it?"

"Yes, my master. As a matter of fact, I was born from the Heaven Melting Fire. I had the privilege of containing any kind of fire in my body. Back in the days, the Heaven Melting Dragon acquired many fires and put them inside my body to increase my strength.

The dragon also tried to absorb the Devouring Fire. But it failed to take it in.


d them from the window. He felt relieved when he saw them standing there unscathed through the window of the pagoda. "I'm sorry guys, but I really have to go. I can't let the others see me. Meet me some other day and I'll explain everything to you," he muttered in a low voice, apologizing, though they actually couldn't hear him.

Soon, the Heaven Melting Pagoda came rushing toward the entrance of the passage.

All eyes were on to the pagoda, some of them were the many demi-immortals and the several innate spirits. Given this situation, the Heaven Melting Pagoda met Ricky's order and quickly fled the Earth Fire Place. Then, Ricky took a look at Elder Alexander from far before he maneuvered the pagoda to fly to the Snow Sect as quickly as possible.

At this point, Ricky should not be seen by anyone, especially those from the Earth Fire Land. With this, he decided to go back to the Snow Sect first to avoid any fuss and think about what he should do next.


Soon, news about the Earth Fire Place flew all over the region. Since many people heard the loud noise from the sandstorm as the Heaven Melting Pagoda launched itself from the ground.

Versions of the story were told from one person to the other. This only brought shock and fear to everyone.

It was said that a mysterious pagoda materialized out of nowhere and lured talented warriors. It was also said that the pagoda was clever to use the Beast Fire to kill the warriors one by one. The news was all too gruesome and frightening for everyone who heard about it.

This story only made everyone in the Earth Fire Land curious. They kept on wondering about all sorts of things--what the pagoda was, where it came from, and even what its purpose was.

Organizations and clans sent their best warriors to the place where the Earth Fire Place allegedly appeared. They tried to find out clues as to what it was doing there. But unfortunately, their efforts were in vain because as soon as they set foot on to the place, the Earth Fire Place had already vanished. Not a single trace of information was left for them. If it were true, they did not even know where it would appear next.

When everyone in the Earth Fire Land was busying digging out the information of the mysterious pagoda, Ricky had already arrived in the Snow Sect. All of this and his escape would not be possible if it were not for the Heaven Melting Pagoda.

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