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   Chapter 168 Gain The Heaven Melting Fire

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"You want to get the Heaven Melting Fire in me!" Ricky mused upon hearing the question from the man.

"Master, what are you talking about? I would never dare covet your Heaven Melting Fire!" the man replied, his voice quivering with fear.

"It doesn't matter. You'd never be able to get it even if you wanted to. I will tell you why I have the fire later. First, let me ask you this. What is the relationship between you and the Heaven Melting Fire? You are the Heaven Melting Pagoda, so why are you so afraid of the fire?" said Ricky.

Ricky moved the Heaven Melting Pagoda from his Soul Sea without taking down the Heaven Melting Fire which was still surrounding it.

Ricky knew he could beat this man, but he was still cautious. He didn't dare believe a single word Alva said.

From the way he treated Ricky before, this old guy must be crafty!

"I was cast from the Heaven Melting Fire. In a way, the Heaven Melting Fire is my parents, and even though it can bring me back to life, it can also destroy me," the man said solemnly.

"Well, how can the Heaven Melting Fire bring you back to life?" asked Ricky.

"As long as you let me stay in the fire, I can heal myself. One day, I can retrieve the power of the magic weapon!" the man said excitedly.

"Is that so? Then why should I keep you in my Heaven Melting Fire?" Ricky said, feeling a little bit dissatisfied, "In other words, what would I gain by helping you recover?"

"Well..." the man said, struggling to find the right answer to Ricky's question.

After everything he had been through, he was almost disabled. There wasn't really anything he could offer that would benefit Ricky. Besides, he understood that there was a price to pay in exchange for everything. And Ricky... well, he was too smart to be fooled by this man.

Then, the man came up with a compromise. "I'll take you as my owner. Right now, I might be a mere spiritual weapon of intermediate level, but I still have a lot to offer and I can certainly help you in your battles," he proposed seriously.

"Ha-ha. Why didn't you just

tter how rotten I became inside, I never did forget how much they helped by casting me," he said.

"Alright, let's work this out. When the dragon is born, I'll release you, so that you can take the dragon as your owner," Ricky said after a moment of thinking.

"Thank you, my owner!" Alva squealed in delight.

Ricky, of course, did not want to break the relationship with the pagoda. He still had his own principles. Besides, he believed that he could be friends with the Heaven Melting Dragon, and he would never take things away from his friend.

"It's okay. I get it. Since you are the treasure of the Heaven Melting Dragon tribe, you should be able to take them as your owner." Ricky then continued, "So, how are you going to heal yourself with the Heaven Melting Fire?"

"All you have to do is pour a bit of Heaven Melting Fire into your right arm, and it will be enough for me to recover for a long time!" Alva explained.

"Okay," said Ricky.

Ricky took some Heaven Melting Fire from the Chaotic Fire Zone and poured it into his right arm. Alva then flew into his arm. At once, an image of a scarlet pagoda appeared in his arm.

"Alva, how long does it take to make the Earth Fire Place disappear?" asked Ricky.

"About four days."

"Four days? Now that I am your owner, do you know of any other way I could get out of this Earth Fire Place?" asked Ricky.

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