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   Chapter 167 Heaven Melting Pagoda

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"Oh? Any last words?" The man in fire robe paused for a moment upon hearing Ricky's words. "Spit it out. Maybe I'll do it for you when I go out."

"No last words. I just wanted to check. You don't want to be revived in a new guise, do you?" Ricky probed.

"Why?" Asked the man, with his arms crossed, obviously interested in what Ricky was saying.

"Some elders told me that the Earth Fire Place has been here for a long time. In recent centuries, it would appear every thirty years, and yet many talented warriors still queued up to get in," said Ricky.

"If you actually did want to get out of here, then you would have done it earlier before. That being said, you actually have no other choice but to leave this place because you know that the Earth Fire Place is going to be destroyed!"

"Ha-ha, you are a smart one, I have to say!" the man said, bursting into laughter as he heard Ricky's explanation.

"You are right. Reviving in a new guise wasn't my purpose in the first place. I truly just wanted to stay alive. I've seen too many warriors struggling to live in the river of time.

As a soul of weapon, our strength fades when we're damaged. But I like being a soul of weapon because we could stay alive forever even if we don't cultivate ourselves. It's been boring though, I have to say. But as your saying goes, better a living dog than a dead lion."

"If you don't mean to revive in a new guise, why won't you just let me go? You are the soul of the pagoda. You must know a way to transform it, to make it smaller. Do it, so we could leave together. Isn't that a much better solution?" Ricky suggested, his tone full of hope.

"You wish!" said the man.

"There are two reasons why I will never agree to your proposition. For one, human warriors are far too dishonest. I will never believe a thing you say. You said we will be leaving together, but I know you're planning to subdue me with the help of your seniors once we get out of here

"That's not my plan. I swear!" Ricky said, clearly agitated.

"A human warrior's vow is the last thing I would believe!" exclaimed

into it, the more it made sense. The Earth Fire Place was created by Heaven Melting Dragon. It only made sense that the treasure of Heaven Melting Dragon tribe was here.

"So, Heaven Melting Pagoda! What is its stage?" Ricky asked curiously as he calmed down.

"Spiritual weapons are weaker than sacred weapons, and sacred ones are weaker than supreme ones. I used to be on top of the supreme tools, but ever since I got damaged, I became as weak as a middle stage spiritual tool," explained Heaven Melting Pagoda.

"Oh my! He used to be that strong!" Ricky said, his voice cracking. After his astonishment faded, Ricky's thoughts wandered as he thought about Heaven Melting Pagoda being badly damaged.

Even so, Ricky was still rather pleased because now, Heaven Melting Pagoda had the power strong enough to rival any middle stage spiritual weapon.

Those were so rare that they could not be found even in the Earth Fire Land!

"Ha-ha, the visit to the Earth Fire Place was actually a really productive trip!" Ricky laughed in his mind as he thought of all the things he had gotten from the Earth Fire Place.

"I've told you everything. Now, can I ask you a question, Master?" The man asked cautiously, feeling Ricky's excitement.

"Go ahead!" said Ricky.

"Master, how come you have Heaven Melting Fire in your body?" the man asked, excited as he anticipated his master's answer.

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