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   Chapter 166 The Appearance of The Iron Pagoda

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In general, weapons of Demi-spirit Level were really impossible to collide with incomplete spiritual weapons because spiritual weapons were far more superior, given its own psychic intelligence.

There was, however, an exception to this rule: it would be possible to collide the two if the Demi-spirit weapon were to be cast by a genius casting master of Spirit Level. This was because in that particular situation, this kind of Demi-spirit weapon would contain genuine innate power as well as an innate sight.

Thus it would be able to compete with the incomplete spiritual weapon.

Just now, the armor had released its power. At the same time, the innate power of Iron Destroyer had also been activated, thereby protecting Ricky from getting tragically hurt.

"Is this Iron Destroyer cast by the old guy—Alexander?" Ivan blurted out in astonishment.

"Humph! Didn't your parents ever teach you to be polite while talking to others?" Ricky said coldly. The next moment, he raised the Iron Destroyer and slashed at Ivan.

"Boom!" Once again, the Iron Destroyer collided with the black armor.

Already expecting brute force from the collision, Ricky immediately retreated several steps after the collision. Ivan also retreated, but he wasn't as quick. Blood flowed out from his mouth due to the strong vibration from the collision.

"Ricky, you will never break my defense using your Demi-spirit weapon. Don't even think about it!" Ivan roared, the fear in his eyes showing.

"Humph! Don't fool yourself anymore. You and I both know that by the time you passed the nine stairs, the innate power of your armor had already been almost depleted," Ricky sneered.

"Complete spiritual weapons can automatically generate innate power. Incomplete spiritual weapons, on the other hand, cannot. Thus, long before the innate power of my Iron Destroyer is exhausted, the power of your armor will have been exhausted first.

Besides, even if the power of your armor does not get exhausted, you will still die due to constant collisions, whereas I, at most, will only be seriously hurt by them. No matter what happens, I will still be the winner, and all of the opportunities in this Iron Pagoda will still belong to me."

"Ricky! You!" Ivan roared unwillingly after hearing Ricky's wo

of course. Thus he figured out a way to solve his problem—possession. Once he possessed the body of a warrior, he would be able to walk out of the Earth Fire Place.

Now that he had decided to possess a warrior's body, he wanted to choose the strongest one here. Thus he set up opportunities to attract warriors like Ricky to battle for them. The person who passed the test and became the winner would naturally be the warrior he chose to possess. This was the so-called opportunity prepared for the warriors.

"Now do you understand?" The man laughed haughtily.

"Yes. I understand," Ricky said faintly as he started to accept his doom.

"To be honest, you really surprised me. The weird devouring flame, the mysterious power and the indomitable spirit, I'd never seen any of those before!" The man exclaimed.

"It seems to me that you are a person with a lot of amazing opportunities. You must be very unwilling now.

But you may rest assured that I'll inherit everything you have and make them even more powerful. You should be happy knowing that."

'Go to hell! There's no way I'll be happy because of being possessed by you!' Ricky cursed in his mind after hearing the man's words. He couldn't say his thoughts out loud. He didn't want to displease the man any further.

"Close your eyes. This way, you'll feel better as I am possessing you. Otherwise you will have to die in torture," the man said as he prepared himself for the possession.

"Wait a minute! I want to talk to you first!" Ricky yelled.

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