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   Chapter 165 The Broken Armor Of Spirit Level

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The Golden Iron Rod, with its tremendous momentum and power—the combined strength of two kinds of Beast Fire⁠—launched a roaring fire towards Ricky. Ivan thought that Ricky should have been overwhelmed after being attacked by such a strong force even if he had already reached the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

But to his surprise, there was no hint of fear in Ricky's eyes. In fact, he wore a smirk and even laughed really loud in a dismissive manner.

After a few seconds, Ricky retreated almost all of the powers on his body, except for the power of Devouring Fire. Ivan then saw that Ricky's whole body was filled with bloody flame.

But Ricky wasn't done. He threw a flame punch straight toward Ivan's Golden Iron Rod!

Ivan finally broke into a series of derisive laughter. Then, he spoke, "Are you scared or what?" Ivan was rather pleased to see Ricky's counterattacks, which he thought was stupid.

However, if one looked closely, there was also a trace of vigilance in his gleaming eyes. After so many times of being in battle with Ricky, Ivan pretended to look down on him. But deep inside, he knew all along that Ricky was a genius whose talents surpassed him, whether in martial art skills or weapon casting. Otherwise, he wouldn't be that eager to kill Ricky.

Based on how Ivan knew Ricky, his counterattack at the moment should not be that weak. Ivan was then worried that Ricky might have some tricks behind his moves. Therefore, besides being glad, he was likewise vigilant.

Bang! Ricky's punch hit the Golden Iron Rod. Immediately, the two kinds of powerful energies were head to head against each other. Of course, at that very moment, Ivan's force was far greater than Rick's.

In this duel, Ricky would almost certainly lose.

However, everything took a 360 degrees turn the next second. Ricky's Devouring Fire exploded all of sudden and with its bloody mouth, it began to easily devour the two kinds of Beast Fire on Ivan's Golden Iron Rod.

In a split second, more than half of the two kinds of Beast Fire were swallowed, while the power of the Golden Iron Rod was also weakened by more than half!

Puff! Being caught off guard, Ivan spewed out a lot of blood.

The two kinds of Beast Fire were connected with his veins. Even if he were to lose just one, he would be seriously injured. At that moment, however, both kinds of Beast Fire were swallowed up by more than half!

"No way! How could that bloody flame devour my Beast Fire!" Ivan screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt insulted with what had just happened.

He was already cautious with any of Ricky's fu

lm as they usually did.

"Hmmm, your armor, if I guess right, is a spiritual weapon that is superior to mortal weapons. Yet, it must have been broken or I could never resist its power and light," Ricky told him.

"I can't believe you can figure out that this is a broken armor of Spirit Level!" Ivan said with a bit of a panic. Ricky was right. The armor on his body was a broken armor of Spirit Level. In fact, it was also quite incomplete.

'However, even so, this incomplete spiritual-level armor, coupled with its force on its array was enough to turn Ricky into ashes! But why was Ricky not hurt at all?' Ivan contemplated. He was very puzzled about how things turned out.

Clang! Clang! At that time, Ricky's Iron Destroyer rattled again, bringing Ivan's attention back to him.

As a weapon casting master of intermediate Mortal Level, not to mention his years of experience in the Casting Guild, Ivan immediately detected the grade of Ricky's Iron Destroyer.

"You... Your saber is half a step into Spirit Level! It's a Demi-spirit Level weapon!" Ivan uttered while he continued to tremble a little.

"Yes, I don't know why it took you so long to realize that," Ricky said while he smiled a little.

"No! No!" Ivan yelled, shaking his head violently. "Even though your saber is Demi-spirit Level, you couldn't have been unhurt at all!"

"It's true that weapons of Demi-spirit Level can't resist the attack of that of Spirit Level, not even when it's broken," Ricky agreed while he nodded.

Then, he continued, "But there is always an exception. The power of weapons at Demi-spirit Level depends on who makes them. If he is an innate spirit as well as a real casting master at Spirit Level, everything will be quite different."

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