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   Chapter 164 Their Best Cards

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With an enormous blast of energy, the two of them were flung back several feet away from each other by the immense power.

Without wasting a second, the two immediately rushed back towards each other as fast as they could the moment they regained their footing.

Bang, Bang!

Before they could react or say anything, another sound from a violent collision resounded in the ring. Flames from the intense blasts of powers surged and spread around them.

It was hard to follow their movements. One moment they were in the east, fighting, and in a blink of an eye, they were already in the completely opposite direction.

In a battle as fierce as this one, neither of them could afford to reduce their energy and power. Instead, they had to increase it and push their Blood Purification to its limit.

This kind of battle was a true test to their abilities. They had to bring their physical power to the maximum.

After striking at each other more than a hundred times, both their energies changed tremendously. In that moment, they both activated the power of the manual. Magnificent black runes surrounded Ivan, while rich scarlet runes covered Ricky.

Ivan stretched out his arm and punched into the air with a black rune spreading black spiritual energy. From his fist emerged an image of a black viper teeming with venom and cruelty racing at enormous speed towards Ricky.

"The bite of the viper!" Ivan hissed.

"Blood devouring!" Ricky wasted no time. He channeled his own power to counter his opponent's attack. The scarlet rune that ran with Ricky's punch projected a bloody mouth.


In a flash, the two runic powers collided with intensity. The black viper and bloody mouth started attacking each other, every attack by one being met by the same intensity as the other.

The black viper, like an invincible thorn, pierced fiercely into the blood mouth. And the bloody mouth poised to swallow the black viper with its strong devouring power and transform it into Ricky's own power.

However, Ricky had underestimated the runic power of Ivan. Unb

ee Body Refining Formula.

Then Ricky clenched his fists and rushed towards the shadows with his Body Refining Formula.

"You are so naive! Do you really think you are strong enough to resist my rods?" Ivan said ferociously upon seeing Ricky use his body refining to resist his power. He could hardly wait to see how Ricky was going to be beaten by him.

"You know, maybe I'll be scared if you actually had that power. But right now, it seems like you just are not strong enough. I can deal with you with my bare hands!" Ricky replied.


Ricky collided head first with the shadows of rods spreading flames with Ivan's fists! The power of the Sixth Degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula was definitely strong enough. Even the most powerful flames could not get through it. Not to mention the two kinds of Beast Fire.

Therefore, every punch from Ricky could crush several shadows with ease.

"How is that possible? Such a powerful method of body refining!" Ivan hissed, enraged upon seeing what was happening.

In spite of his disbelief, Ivan didn't stop striking. He mercilessly smashed the real Golden Iron Rod surrounded with Beast Fire towards Ricky.

Ivan put all of his might into this blow, making it the strongest one yet. He combined the power of the two kinds of Beast Fire, believing that it was enough to break Ricky's body refining method.

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