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   Chapter 163 Confronting Ivan

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This time, the severe pain was not able to shake Ricky any more. Ricky had literally been numb to the severe pain he should have felt. The blazing flame was not burning Ricky. It was instead burning the thick layers of blood that covered him.

Reinforced by the two Supreme Skills, Ricky's mortal body was rapidly developing with every second.

After four hours of that burning intensity, the energy inside Ricky finally rose up again. A dim blue light bloomed instantly. It reached its zenith, and then immediately was replaced by brighter blue light. The brightness was not too overwhelming, but out of the energy of the explosion, the power was completely beyond the Fifth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

At that moment, Ricky had completely broken through to the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

Covered by that blue energy, the bloodstains on Ricky disappeared after burning off. All of it cracked off and a new layer of skin was born. Under the blue light the new skin was so glorious.

Ricky's hair was long and thin but much more elegant than before while his angular face had become more inviting and handsome. Ricky was like a newborn in that moment and the explosive power that was like an avalanche was swirling within him and affecting every part of him.

On the ninth stair, Ricky could no longer feel the burning pain he had felt before.

Growl! There was a gurgling growling sound, but it wasn't from any sort of beast, it was from Ricky's hungry stomach.

After a few days of hard work, he was really starving.

However, for him, the ninth stair was a natural barbecue platform. He took out a large piece of flesh from the storage bag, and soon after cooking it, he began to devour it.

After a satisfying meal, Ricky came out of the platform and put on his robe again.

In the light of the platform, Ricky entered another space, which was a huge battle platform that was covered on all sides by flames.

The flames were not ordinary flames. They were instead made up of various kinds of Beast Fires.

Seeing the Beast Fires, the Chaotic Fire Zone was immediately in eager, and couldn't wait to swallow all of

down, the black spiritual energy actually showed the shadow of dozens of legs. For a moment, Ricky could not tell the real leg from the illusions of it!

"Since I can't tell, I will just ignore it," Ricky mumbled. "So, I will freeze them all together!

Ice Cage Fingers-Double Cage Fingers!"

Immediately, the frosty power around Ricky rose up and rushed into his right hand. Then, Ricky pointed two fingers out at the dozens of shadows of the leg.

Immediately, the two tracks of energy collided fiercely. Dozens of black shadows directly crushed the energy of Ricky's Double Cage Fingers. Countless tiny ice blocks burst open, but that was not the end of it. The ice blocks instantly came around and frozen the shadows. Then, they were broken again, dissolving the energy of the smash from the dozens of shadows.

"Good moves, but not good enough to stop me!" Ivan sniffed. As he said that, his figure came out from behind the broken blocks. His body was rotating at a high speed. A solid kick straightly smashed down toward the center of Ricky's face.

"Hmm, my purpose was to destroy the shadows!" Ricky said coldly. As he said that his infernal power was rising. There was a roaring sound and a fist of flame punched out

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next second, the leg and the flame fist collided. All of a sudden, the strong waves from the collision filled the platform and then swept out all the flames that were on the platform.

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