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   Chapter 161 Innate Spiritual Energy

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The fire that surrounded Andrew right now was no longer the Lava Fire. Despite having the same color, it looked distinctively different from Andrew's previous one. It was apparent that Andrew must had cultivated the Beast fire that he had just obtained from the last trial, and now he was able to put it into play in a very clever way.

"Little bastard, this is called the Heaven Burning Fire. You should feel lucky and grateful to be killed by such an honorable Beast Fire!" Andrew sneered. As he channeled more power into the Beast fire, it promptly spread to cover all of his body and made him look like a fierce, predatory fiery bear. Then he shouted and charged at Ricky without a sign of hesitation. Meanwhile, the predator opened his bloody mouth like a sacrificial bowl, as if one bite would be enough to take Ricky's life!

"I have already told you. You will never beat me, no matter how hard you try. Remember that you will always be nothing but a loser in my eyes!" Ricky replied indifferenly, calmly facing Andrew's fury. Then he threw a quick punch towards Andrew, fully confident that he would defeat Andrew again.

Ricky didn't think that the pagoda was able to restrain his power, because his regained spiritual meridian was so strong that it would have the capacity to resist the pagoda's boundaries.

Without wasting too much effort, Ricky released the Devouring Fire to combat Andrew's Beast Fire.

The Devouring Fire could not only protect Ricky from being hurt by Andrew's Beast Fire, but also easily swallow Andrew's Beast Fire with its strong devouring ability. So when Andrew charged at him with his Beast Fire in play, Ricky couldn't be happier.

In a flash, the Devouring Fire morphed into a big mouth, even bigger than that of Andrew's Beast Fire, and began to consume the power of Andrew's Beast Fire.

"What the hell is happening? What the fuck are you doing!? What kind of Beast Fire are you manipulating?" Andrew stammered in a trembling voice, alarmed at the sudden loss of the power of his Heaven Burning Fire.

"You don't deserve to know!" Ricky replied coldly. Withholding no mercy, he decided to use Chaotic Fire Skill and strengthen the power of the Devouring Fire.

Andrew could hear his impending demise in Ricky's tone. He struggled to get rid of Ricky's Devouring Fire and then seized a chance to fight back. However, Andrew soon realized that this Ragged Iron Pagoda he was in right now had taken away all his spiritual energy as soon as this trial began. So there was no other way to fight against Ricky if he lost his Beast Fire.

"Very well! Since you're now forcing me to kill you, how could I refuse your request?" Andrew shouted with gritted teeth. Knowing he couldn't stop Ricky from devouring his Heaven Burning Fire, Andrew decided to use his secret weapon!

He suddenly released the Lava Fire again with full power. Once released completely from his body, it seemed even more powerful than the Heaven Burning Fire. Immediately, the Lava Fire transformed itself into a fiery dragon, diving and roaring at Ricky like a rapacious predator.

"Did you have enough of devouring my Beast Fire? Now let me give you my Beast Fire as much as you want. I will satisfy you to death!" Andrew shouted loudly, with a rather hideous look on h

. The bright light spread across Ricky's body so quietly and quickly that Ricky didn't even notice it himself.

"What, how could it be possible? Why are you still alive?" Andrew screamed in fear. Seeing Ricky coming out of the fire alive and well, Andrew was scared out of his wits. Gone was the excited look on his face. Instead, panic and desperation were pitifully obvious in his eyes.

"It's time for you to go to hell. Let me do you the favor!" Ricky snorted, as he charged at Andrew. He activated the power of the Devouring Fire again inside his body and threw a straight punch to Andrew's chest. With a thud, Andrew's heavy body landed on the ground, and then the Devouring Fire started to burn all over his body. Bursts of screams could be heard and echoed sharply in the space surrounding them.

Before Andrew died, the residual powers of the two kinds of Beast Fire in his body had been absorbed completely by the Devouring Fire.

Ricky then took a long breath of relief.

He thought to himself, 'What happened just now was insanely risky. I almost got killed! If it weren't for the help of the Flame Zone, the ending of this fight between me and Andrew would have been completely different!'

He sighed, "If something goes wrong, I must be in danger. How could I possibly have predicted that Andrew's Beast Fire would be fused with the innate spiritual energy? Still, I was being too careless. It must have cost a lot for his mother to go through that fusion process."

At the thought, Ricky finally became aware of why Andrew had the nerve to take this trial! After all, a warrior at the first grade of Blood Purification like him was not usually equipped at all to go through such an event. Without that secret weapon, Andrew's decision to compete in this trial would be only regarded as a joke!

"I can't afford to be too careless again when it comes to matters like this! Next time when I run into an odd and strange thing like this, I have to beware," Ricky admonished himself and took a long breath again.

Then, he sat with his legs crossed, closed his eyes and quieted his mind as he prepared for his meditation. He had to take a rest after the tiring battle.

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