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   Chapter 160 God Helps Me!

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7576

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Immediately, Ricky retrieved the Devouring Fire.

Of course he also heard the screams round after round. He felt pity for them in his heart, of course. But what could Ricky do? These warriors knew what they were getting into when they dared to enter the pagoda, so they must have been prepared to be burned to death by the Beast Fire.

He shook his head slightly and sat down in the space he was in as he waited for the pagoda to change again.

Ricky guessed that the pagoda didn't let them in so they could simply refine the Beast Fire. No, he knew the pagoda wanted something more. But he couldn't leave now, so he decided to wait quietly for the end and see what the next move of the pagoda would be.

He also did not know why the Fire Dragon Egg kept sending him messages in the Chaotic Fire Zone. Obviously, it was not because of the Beast Fire, so he knew there must be other changes to come.


An hour later, the tragic cries ended, indicating that the end of this precious opportunity to subdue the Beast Fire.

The eyes of the warriors who bought noodles to the pagoda were not full of helplessness and unwillingness. All they had was fear, and their white as sheet faces said more than they ever could.

The look in their eyes told a thousand words. In them, the tragic fate of the warriors burned to death by Beast Fire could be seen, and even those were not enough to fully encompass just how horrible what happened was.

From the outside, everyone knew that from the 200 people who entered the tower, only about one-tenth of them were able to successfully integrate the Beast Fire. That was to say that there were only about twenty people who survived inside the tower.

In that moment, the people outside felt so lucky that they did not follow everyone else into the pagoda.


"Now that the Beast Fire is over, the pagoda should change again any minute now," Ricky said, standing up slowly as the screams died down.

The moment he stood up, an old vast voice sounded in his ears.

"Congratulations to you twenty-six human warriors for obtaining a Beast Fire of your own!"

"This... This pagoda can speak!" Ricky exclaimed upon hearing the sound, his hands shaking in shock.

He had been on the road of the casting weapon

cky saw the figure, he laughed out loud, barely able to contain his joy. Because from the figure that was less than one meter high, Ricky knew that it was his old enemy, Andrew, who was going to fight against him.

'God is with me indeed!' Ricky exclaimed happily in his mind.

"Little bastard, what a coincidence that we are going to be fighting today," Andrew said with excitement the moment he found out that his opponent was Ricky.

At the same time, Andrew also shouted in his heart, 'God has helped me to meet this bastard. This time, I certainly won't let him get out of here alive!'

In the next moment, Ricky and Andrew's eyes locked with each other. They looked at each other with intensity and hate. Their hatred towards each other had reached the limit, and blood must be shed at this moment!

"Andrew, I really don't know where you get your courage from. Did you take this test because you have faith in your being at the first grade of Blood Purification or your less than one meter height?" Ricky said, trying to provoke Andrew.

"Courage? Just wait, I will let you know where my courage comes from, little bastard!" Andrew snorted.

"Ah! "You are quite confident. Even with just the flame, you were still defeated by me. It was so back then, and it will still be so now," Ricky said with contempt.

"Oh! But you have no idea what's about to happen!"


In that moment, the Beast Fire on Andrew started to burn, and its burning momentum directly pummeled towards Ricky.

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